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How to Speed up the Internet on my Mobile?

It’s one thing to step into a ‘blind spot’ occasionally and lose your reception for a quick second before it comes back. But it can be really frustrating to have a weak signal all day every day. Do you want to check something on social media? No, first you have to wait for a minute and a half for the page to load. Or maybe you decided to join the conference call your boss told you about? Can’t do that either! Bad cell reception can drive you up the wall, but thankfully, there are ways to remedy the situation, like getting a cell phone signal booster. But before we get to that, let’s see what are the main causes behind this problem.

The reasons for this unpleasant situation can be very different, but let’s go over them quickly to give you some idea of why this is happening to you.

Your house is too far from the nearest tower

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This is not that uncommon, right? If you are simply too far from the nearest tower, your mobile connection and internet speed, in particular, are going to suffer. Unfortunately, this happens more often than you think.

There are obstacles between you and the tower

Naturally, there are always many obstacles on the signal’s way, but some are too big for it to conquer. It can be anything, from natural barriers like mountains, hills, and forests,  to building materials. The latter is actually the most common reason for obstructed mobile signal. Metal and certain kinds of glass as well as excessive wiring are keeping the signal out of certain areas in your house or office.

Weather issues

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As much as we don’t like to admit it, the weather does affect not only us but our mobile internet as well. The signal can be lost or there can be a certain level of interference on heavily clouded days, during rain and thunderstorms.

You are blocking the antenna

Back in the day, the first generation mobile phones used to have an antenna protruding from it, in order to get the signal better. Sure, it looked ridiculous by today’s standards, but it got the job done nonetheless. Nowadays, the antenna is built in the body of the phone and there are certain holding positions, where your hand can block the antenna and create problems, not to mention the phone case can be the reason too.

As you see, there are multiple reasons for a bad connection. You might have one factor or a few of them at the same time but in any case, there are a number of ways to help you get out of this mess. Without further ado, let’s see what they are.

Get a phone signal booster

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If the disturbance you are experiencing is not sporadic and you are facing the same lame reception every time, then you need a drastic measure to put an end to the misery and introduce your phone to a fast and effective internet connection. It’s time to invest in a cell phone signal booster and forget about these troubles. If you are not really clear on what this device does, let’s describe the main principles.

It’s a device that takes the weak outside signal, enhances it, and then broadcasts the new strong signal over an area you need to be covered. So the structure is pretty simple. Any signal booster consists of 3 main components: the

outside antenna, which is responsible for identifying the signal coming in from the cell tower,  the amplifier receiving the signal and making it stronger, and the inside antenna, which then makes sure your house or office get the new good signal in every corner. Signal boosters are very versatile, so before you make a decision to purchase one, do your research and get the one that will work best for your situation.

Clean up the apps

If you have slow loading web pages and freezing videos, maybe the reason is not external and is hidden in your phone. At any given moment, the average cell phone has at least 10 apps that are used as seldom as once in a few months or less and eat away at your mobile data while you are left wondering what you did wrong. Clean up the mess and the result will be great! If you are an iPhone user, all you have to do is go under Settings and find the Cellular. There you can see the list of all the apps that suffocate your mobile data. If you prefer Android, go into Settings – Network and Internet – Mobile Network – App data usage and achieve the same result. It’s a fruitful habit to declutter your phone at least once in a few months, just to get rid of all the junk files you don’t need and apps you don’t use.

Make sure your battery is not empty

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We often take advantage of the phone battery and don’t recharge it until it’s virtually running on empty. But for the reception to be stable, it’s critical to have a  sufficient level of charge. If your battery is emptying too fast, try turning off some functions you don’t need at the moment. Like Location, Bluetooth, 4G when you are in a wifi zone, etc.

Clear out the house

This is a very specific measure and it won’t work for a good chunk of cases, but it might help in your situation. Plus it doesn’t have a downside, so why not try that too? As we discussed before, a mobile signal doesn’t really appreciate physical obstructions. And when your house is overflowing with clutter, furniture, and different devices, it only makes the situation worse. So consider getting rid of everything you don’t use and frankly don’t need. Make a path for a better signal and a clearer mind.

The most fool-proof way to deal with bad connection might be a cell phone signal booster by Booster Planet, but there are still other things you can do. It might be a good idea to try everything else first, and then, if your problem lies beyond your phone,  try the more drastic measure. Whatever you decide, make sure to do some research and make an informed choice!

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