6 Reasons To Spend The Holidays Abroad

Christmas is one of the most-awaited events of the year, and it’s almost coming. It brings the family together. You may also think about spending nights in a cool breeze, tucking on blankets, and having a cup of coffee while watching your favorite Christmas movie on TV.

You would probably think about playing with your younger siblings, shopping for Christmas in Christmas villages, or greeting everyone you see a merry Christmas. Instead, it is the best season when you feel you are young again and be with your family at least once a year.

Still, trying to decide about going abroad this holiday season? Are you prepared for a safe 2024 holiday season? Here are the reasons why you should try.

1. Unique Holiday Experience


If you have been spending Christmas in the winter season for your whole life, spending it in a warmer country can be a new experience. There are new activities, new foods to try, and a new vibe of locals to speak with.

If you’re lucky, you will get to have a unique Christmas party at the hotel you are staying at. You may even walk on the beach or eat fresh fruits for breakfast if you spend your holidays in a tropical country.

Want a more unique holiday experience? Try planning on spending your holiday season in Norway or Finland. You will be able to see the amazing northern lights, which can be the most magical thing this holiday season.

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2. New Holiday Traditions

Spending holidays in a different country welcomes you to new traditions and customs. In the Philippines, you can experience kids singing Christmas songs right off your doorstep. In Spain, children wait for the traditional whacking of Tió de Nadal. Families bring out these happy logs, and children are tasked to take care of the happy log by offering nuts and water.

You will experience a different kind of Santa Claus in Italy. Italians believe in La Befana. It is an old and kind witch that also gives gifts to children–just like Santa Claus. If you are planning to spend the holidays in Central America, try welcoming the Christmas season in Guatemala. Every December 6th, families set bonfires outside of their homes to chase away bad spirits. This tradition marks the start of their Christmas season. Families serve traditional donuts, fruit punch, and other foods.

3. Walk in The Winter Wonderland


People who are spending their whole year with busy schedules always look forward to the Christmas season. Many families are looking forward to spending white Christmas in New York, Canada, or alpine areas in Europe, where snow during this season is very appealing.

Christmas will not be the same without a fireplace, mistletoe, or real pine trees as Christmas tree. Cabins during this time bring the best cozy feeling. White Christmas will make you extend your holiday season. You will also get to ride the sleigh, play with snow, and create snowmen.

4. Shop on European Christmas Markets

Shopping during the holiday season can be quite stressful if you are in a rush–but not in Europe. As you enter the Christmas market, you will feel the vibe of the holidays. Markets are filled with Christmas pastries, souvenirs, lights, and Christmas songs.

The Christmas Markets feature a lot of holiday ornaments, wool mittens, candles, nutcrackers, and many more. Every year, Christmas Markets are opened to revive holiday traditions, support local businesses, and feature artisanal products.

This 500-year Christmas tradition makes every tourist and locals enjoy the season.

5. Amazing Christmas Foods


Having the Christmas holiday abroad will make you skip the cooking, which can be stressful even just before Christmas Eve. If you’re abroad, you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen preparing. You can try out the custom Christmas foods that every country has.

In the Czech Republic, families serve the best pumpkin pie on Christmas Eve. Families never skip out on this Christmas sweet during their feast. Families in Norway prepare for Christmas eve with a gingerbread house and rice pudding.

What can be different from eating Christmas foods abroad? Have a Christmas feast in Japan with KFC. American fast food became a Christmas staple in Japan. Though KFC can be visited almost anywhere in the world, tourists that are spending their holidays in Japan still wait for the Christmas feast KFC offers. The branches start to accept advance orders for Christmas eve as early as December 20th. And by December 23rd, expect to fall in line outside KFC just to experience a KFC Christmas in Japan.

6. Fairytale-Like Christmas

There are small towns in different countries that can make your Christmas holiday dreamy. People of all ages want to be in a place with beautifully-lit buildings, magical streets, and endearing markets. Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria, and Belgium have the most captivating towns that can make your Christmas memorable.

Santa Claus even has his own village in Finland. Since 1985, Santa Claus Village has been home to Christmas landmarks, snowy vistas, souvenir shops, and even live reindeer.

Spend The Holidays Abroad Now

Whether you’re looking to escape the cold weather or want to experience a new culture during the holidays, spending them abroad is a great option. Check out our list of reasons why you should consider spending your holiday season in another country. Have you ever spent the holidays abroad? If so, what was your favorite part?

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