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6 Easy Steps to Speed Up your IPTV Streaming

You’ve been binge-watching your favorite TV show and all of a sudden, it starts buffering or the picture becomes blurred. If this keeps happening and you still don’t know how to fix the issue, then, after some time you’ll easily get sick and tired of trying to enjoy your favorites in such bad conditions. Obviously, your task here will be to do all you can to prevent these things from happening and keep your nerves still. The buffering occurs when the streaming is slow – and this happens due to various reasons.

Our idea is to mention some of them, but also to introduce a few easy steps on how to do it better and fix it. Wait no more – and better take notes.

1. Quality devices

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The type of device you have at home could literally make or break your watching experience. If you have a router that isn’t really quality – read: has 1 GB of RAM, a slow processor, but doesn’t have ethernet hook up – then we’re sorry, but you have a super slow device.

This means that the whole issue might seem like a true nightmare to you when it comes to cutting the cord. You should make sure that the device you purchased is up to speed and that it aligns with certain requirements IPTV has. Purchase the latest product if you want to achieve an optimal performance and pleasant overall experience for yourself, or consider getting a router that’s new and also cost-effective. Smart TVs that are trendy right now are Android-based devices and they should support firmware updates.

2. VPNs

There has always been a huge discussion overturning VPN on or off. Many people like to stay protected by using them in numerous cases. It’s all up to a personal preference whether you’re going to turn it on or off while streaming your video contents. However, according to certain experiences, when you turn it off, the speed increases even up to 50% – and the good speed equals no buffering at all.

3. Stable internet connection

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The internet is always a big factor when it comes to issues like these – therefore, investing in your internet package is a big deal if you want to speed the device up. Before you actually start using the IPTV router, you should contact your service provider and ask them to upgrade it a little bit, even if it costs you some extra cash. Believe us – it will definitely be worth it.

Make sure you set a good deal with the provider and see if you can get something over 100Mpbs download per internet speed. Nothing less than 100mpbs should even be considered, especially if you have kids at home who enjoy watching YouTube and TikTok videos. If they’re watching those videos at the same time while you are trying to watch your favorite sports program or ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ then there might be trouble. So, to conclude this – if there are more than two people who keep using the same connection, some extra download speed is a necessity, not an option – and we’re sure you wouldn’t regret spending a few extra bucks on that.

4. Update your IPTV Apps

There are countless different IPTV applications available at the moment. Most people like to use starters and some other custom apps that the IPTV service has provided. Making sure that you use the latest app version would also help with buffering and improve the quality of the performance of the device you are using.

When you keep the application open it’s constantly syncing two panels and downloading all the categories. So if your applications are out of date and out of sync even a little bit, it causes them to run a bit slower. That’s the reason you should always check out the best these apps can do, even if you aren’t using custom branded apps, but the ones from the Google Play Store. Going into the description section and checking if it’s the most current version will confirm its efficiency – and therefore, you can check that one off your list.

5. IPTV provider communication

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You should always be checking your provider’s website as that usually clears off any doubts you might have. At times they might put out there that their servers are getting updated, and if that’s the case, they’ll state the date and duration of the activity. If you aren’t performing such checks, you might end up quite worried for no reason and even anxious while wondering when things will get back to normal. Keeping yourself in the loop about this type of issue can give you peace of mind, as well as an understanding of how certain things work and why they happen.

So, stop overthinking and worrying and go and check your emails and the website of your provider to find out why those bugs happen now when just yesterday everything worked fine.  If a company provides you with a trusted, professional service and does its best to maintain great communication with its clients and a great price:quality ratio, like IPTV Palace does, you definitely won’t have anything to worry about.

6. Reboot your network and streaming device

Last, but definitely not least, is something that we should actually always do first (yeah, weird, we know!) when we’re having any kind of tech problem. A good old restart has never done any harm. You can try to turn off your streaming device, as well as to simply log out and close the program.

Also, try to reboot all the devices you’re running it on as well. You should also reboot your home networks. Sometimes refreshing the router might be all you need to get things on the right track.

We have mentioned some of the key tips and steps on how to improve the quality of your streaming. However, if all of them fail you should start your research and change your provider – that should work 100%. No matter what the conditions are, you deserve a great IPTV experience for a fee you pay –  and well, after all, there should be no obstacles for your cosy evenings with your fave programs – ever!

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