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Social Network Management Tools – 2024 Guide

No matter what your business is about, social networks are an indispensable way to stand out and reach potential customers. Social media marketing involves the use of social platforms to conduct various marketing activities, from research through promotion to sales.

Social Media Marketing

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Social networks are increasingly popular. Especially as they offer a variety of opportunities to track the prosperity of specific projects and campaigns. Managing different profiles and pages on different social platforms is time-consuming. There are tools for managing social networks. Therefore, you can use them more efficiently. Some social networking tools are free and others are paid.

Social Network Management Tools

Social networks require daily commitment and engagement. They also require skills and knowledge to properly manage profiles and pages. Social network management tools offer a variety of options. From planning and scheduling posts to analyzing post-performance. These are some of the tools that can be more than useful in social media management…


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Hootsuite lets you manage 25 social networks, including the most popular Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and  LinkedIn. The free plan includes managing seven different profiles, including WordPress. This platform offers the ability to plan and schedule the publication of up to 30 posts. It also provides insight into the analytics, as well as creating reports on each publication. Hootsuite also allows for organizing sweepstakes and organizing competitions.


It is no surprise, that there are many apps available for engaging in influencer marketing. These apps are representing a mix of platforms. They provide you with ways to find influencers and track your social media and one of such apps is Influenex is a great tool that can connect brands with influencers and vice versa. Influencers can really help you spread awareness of your brand, however, reaching them can be difficult. However, once you do, you will be able to spread the word of your brand much more easily. Explore the website in order to find out more details.


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Buffer is a simple platform that allows you to manage multiple profiles and pages on social networks. The free plan includes the most popular ones like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. In addition to managing the scheduling of posts, Buffer also allows you to track comments, clicks, etc…It has a free tool for creating images and applications for mobile and various search engines.

Friends + Me

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Friends Plus Me is a free social networking tool. The free plan for this platform includes the following networks: Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. This tool lets you schedule up to a maximum of 10 posts. This includes a mobile and desktop application, as well as standard support. You will have to pay extra to manage Instagram and Pinterest.


Socialoomph is a platform that also offers a free management option, but only with Twitter. All other networks are extra charged. The same management options for this network are included in the TweetDeck platform. It allows you to plan and track tweets, keywords, view retweets, and manage 5 different Twitter pages.

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