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3 Ways To Measure the Success of Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

An influencer is a social media marketing campaign drives vital engagement to your brand with a positive endorsement. They don’t have to be big-name celebrities to be effective; experts or anyone knowledgeable can help your brand by providing positive interaction and commentary and sharing your videos and links. Influencers answer questions, forward information, discuss options, and tag users based on common interests. Good ones carry out these efforts with subtle but effective aplomb.

Simply tossing an influencer into your marketing campaign can be a futile effort if you don’t measure the results you can click here. Knowing what’s going on with your influencers is crucial and allows you to be proactive and adjust. Here are three general categories to measure influencer success.

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Measure Campaign Reach and Impressions

Reach is the total number of people that follow your brand across all social media platforms. Impressions are the number of people interacting with your brand due to influencers. While a high reach number is not a bad thing, it may not mean much if the impressions number is low. This scenario would indicate that, despite a high number of followers, they may not actually be active and engaged in your brand, and influencers, if there are any, are not effective.

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Knowing reach and impressions data is crucial in avoiding a stagnant marketing campaign. The numbers can indicate that changes are needed. Google Analytics can help measure these metrics.


Determine Engagement


Influencers that include links to your brand enable you to determine engagement, which is a count of likes, clicks, shares, reactions, and comments from users. All of these added up help you calculate your return on investment by comparing it to the costs of the marketing campaign. It also helps you determine the costs per engagement by individuals or groups of influencers. Are some driving traffic options better than others?

Similarly, tracking online sales generated by influencers and comparing it with past trends or current total sales shows what they are doing for the bottom line.

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Are higher engagement numbers giving you more sales? Are the influencers making a difference? Is any particular social media platform outperforming the others? Answers to questions like these help you make the necessary tweaks to your marketing campaign.


Track Referral Traffic


Referrals gauge how much new traffic is coming to your brand site due to the influencer. According to, his number gives you an idea of how well people are relating and interacting with the brand based upon what the influencer is doing. Again, build the data and ask the questions. Are some influencers bringing more referrals than others? Are results better on any particular platform? How are the referrals translating into sales?

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Using influencers in your social media marketing campaign can be a huge boom. But you need to determine the numbers to avoid wasting money and time. Know how to measure and break down the results. Do this in a timely manner, adjust, and you will be well served.

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