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5 Smart Ways to Pack Your Clothes for a Move

Moving is not a fun thing and we will all try to avoid it whenever we can. But sometimes the moment comes that it is inevitable and that it awaits us in the next few weeks or months. We know you hate getting ready to the move and doing all the hard work that awaits you because of it. In those moments, even moving to a bigger house or a better area will not be a big motivation for you to do everything you need to do. But it is something you have to and it’s best to accept it that way because you have no choice. So why would you make your life worse with negative thoughts?

We are here to help you by giving you advice. We assume that you have already decided how you will pack big things like various devices and appliances, as well as furniture. Everyone does it first because it requires heavy lifting and takes up a lot of space. In the end, you probably have clothes left. While it may seem like you will pack it very easily, it is not the case. At least if you fail to make a good strategy and take advantage of all the smart ways to pack.

1. Wash everything

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Many make the mistake of not washing everything before they start packing. It is a big mistake because if you leave dirty clothes packed for weeks, you will only be able to throw away half of it afterward. It will take on a very unpleasant odor and may even become moldy. Also, any stains that you leave and do not remove immediately will be impossible to remove later. We know you don’t need any extra work, but this is something you shouldn’t avoid. And do it with everything, don’t skip off-season stuff either. Only when you have washed and dried everything, drying is equally important, then you can start packing. Trust us, you will be very happy when you move in, and everything will be immediately clean and ready to wear. Then you can rest, instead of washing everything.

2. Start with off-season clothing

When you move, you need to use the time you have available as wisely as possible. Many things you can pack right away, but for example clothes, dishes and all the other things you need until the last day can be a problem. You won’t know when is the right time to pack them. As for the clothes, you can start immediately with the packaging of everything that you are not currently wearing, or that is off-season. Whether it is winter or summer, it doesn’t matter. Start now to separate everything you do not wear at this time of year and to pack. This includes all clothing, but also footwear that is not currently suitable for wearing.

When you do all that, you’ve already done half the work and you know you just have to move everything to a new house. It is only important that you protect all this as well as possible so that it is not damaged if it is left in the heat or cold for weeks. If you have very valuable things, you can also consider renting climate-controlled storage. Although I was told by moving experts from Matco that climate-controlled storages are mostly used for electronics and artwork, it can certainly be used for clothing and footwear.

3. Get everything you need

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You need three things to pack all your clothes in the best possible way. You need vacuum seal bags first. They are not expensive at all and will be very useful to you. You know that everything you have packed in them is completely safe from external influences. You will also significantly reduce the size of all things, and it is clear to you how important this is during the move. Buy vacuum seal bags and devices, it won’t be expensive at all, all together it will cost you less than 100 dollars. Then get wardrobe boxes, which look like a small closet. These are tall and sturdy boxes in which you can hang pieces of clothing that are important to you so that they do not wrinkle and that you transfer them as well as possible. Also, there is always room at the bottom to add a few more things. Just remember that there are boxes after all, so as not to overload them. Lastly, you will need garbage bags. In them you will be able to group things like socks and the like, for which there is no need to use either vacuum seal bags or wardrobe boxes.

Use suitcases

You have to use everything you have at your disposal, and suitcases are definitely a great choice. They are very solid, to be able to withstand throws at the airport and the like. So pack as many things as possible in them, because when you close them, then things will stay safe inside and will not wrinkle too much. No more than when you travel. You can also put vacuum seal bags in the suitcases, thus saving extra space. And yes, remember that now you don’t have to worry about the weight limit, so feel free to pack more things than you would do to pack for the trip.

Declutter and donate

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We all have a lot more clothes than we really need. For years we have been buying what we need, but also many things we don’t need. That way we pile up things we rarely wear. And we also rarely decide to throw away and donate what we don’t need. Now is the time to do it. Sort all the clothes and donate everything you haven’t worn in the last year. Also, what you see is damaged, throw away, there is no need to take valuable place. This will save you a lot of space during the move, and it is generally useful to declutter.


If you use these five smart ways to pack your clothes for moving, we guarantee that you will save a lot of time, space and nerves. Everything that is most important to you in that period.


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