Skillhub Review: Best Student’s Guide to Professional Networking

Networking is very important for professional growth and job search. Although a lot of people do not like it or have mixed feelings about it, it is impossible to deny its influence.

It is particularly helpful to those who are only entering the work market, for example, students and recent graduates. Not only do they need to establish connections in the industry and form a personal brand but also do it the right way.

Networking doesn’t come easy to everyone. Extroverts are more naturally prone to it, but introverts might struggle. That’s why platforms like Skillhub are very helpful for students and young adults.

Skillhub is an experienced platform devoted to all things related to finding a job. It is not only among the resume writing service charts but also gives valuable advice on networking.

Why is Networking the Way to Go?


Skillhub has a great blog relating to career advice of all sorts. Here one can find the most recent information on things like resume outline, valuable tech skills for 2024, and using LinkedIn for networking online.

One of the main issues platform professionals highlights is that young adults often disregard the importance of networking in the first place. They think that having skills is enough to get the job of their dreams. What young adults do not know is that many positions are filled in even without posting an official job offer.

Here are the main reasons to start building connections within the industry:

  • Overall, people prefer to do business with someone they know or someone recommended by their acquaintances. It is a matter of trust. This principle is applicable to all spheres of our lives, and work is not an exception. It is easier to trust someone you are slightly aware of than a stranger.
  • The competition for top positions posted online is often huge. It is important to stand out. Of course, crafting a great resume and cover letter will help. But if we talk about hundreds of applications, being a recommended candidate is the way to go. For example, it may ensure that your papers will be reviewed by a human recruiter instead of an ATS bot.
  • The job of your dreams might not be open publicly at all. Connecting helps to find new leads and to get insights into the hidden labor market.
  • It widens your opportunities. Overall, it can be extremely helpful in finding new options, partnering with amazing professionals, crafting new ideas, etc. Collaboration with people sharing the same passion is always great.

Mixed feelings one might have about networking come from the idea that it is unauthentic and pushy. But it doesn’t have to be this way. One needs to view it as a learning opportunity. It can be exciting to talk to people about your ideas or new industry trends. And it can be mutually beneficial if you do not reduce it to just looking for personal gain.

How Skillhub Helps


Skillhub’s main goal is to help professionals find and get the positions of their dreams. Often the case, people do not know how to present themselves in the best light. Here is where professional writers, editors, and HR specialists come to help.

And the blog they host is extremely helpful to those who are new to the labor market.

If you are not sure how to connect with people in your industry, you can learn here how to start networking, how to reach out and follow up, how to make connections meaningful, and how to do it online.

It is completely free and available to anyone in need. The best part is that all the posts are actionable and have practical tips. There are also a lot of tips and tricks regarding LinkedIn, which is a pain point for many young professionals.

The main benefits of Skillhub’s blog are

  • The advice is practical, specific, and efficient. There are no watery posts that state the well-known truths;
  • People directly involved in the industry write it. These are the same writers and HR specialists that help with resumes, CVs, cover letters, and other application documents. They are constantly busy in the field, follow the trends, and know what they are talking about;
  • It is a credible platform with great ratings in SiteJabber and TrustPilot;
  • There are posts for both experienced job seekers and those who had not done it yet. Everyone can find something suitable for them;
  • Every tip comes with examples, which helps to act on it immediately.

In Summary

Skillhub is a great and helpful resource like Zety, Livecareer, or Monster resume writing service for all things related to job search and career. It features a blog with professional advice on networking, crafting applications, and boosting one’s personal brand. There is actionable advice for adults of all levels of experience, from beginners to experts in their field.

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