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Should You Help A Traveler Who Has Lost Their Wallet Or Passport? 

When you are traveling abroad, you might run across someone who has lost their wallet or passport. As people, we want to help anyone who is in need. However, you are in a foreign country, you are at risk because you are traveling, and there is only so much you can do. There are a few tips listed here that will help you when you encounter someone who claims to have lost their wallet or passport. You do not want people to suffer, but you also do not want to be taken for a fool. In short, be careful as you follow these steps.

Is Their Claim True?

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You need to find out if this person’s claim is true. You cannot investigate the case by yourself, but you should ask them a few questions to determine what has happened. People who seem to be speaking from a script are likely scamming you. People who are looking around or trying to locate someone in the area should not be trusted, and you do not want to stay in one place too long while talking.

In short, if you get a bad feeling while talking to this person, you should walk away.

Locate Nearby Authorities

If you have the opportunity, you should point out the local authorities to the traveler. You need to know where the nearest police station and embassy/consulate is. If you see police officers on the street, you should wave them over. Let the police handle the problem.

Tell the traveler where the consulate is, and ensure that you are clear that you will not go with them. You have handled the problem to the best of your ability. Allowing the local authorizes to handle the problem keeps you out of danger if this traveler is a con artist.

Should You Assist With Their Travel?

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If you feel as though the traveler is stranded, you could give them a bit of cash for their travel. You should not volunteer to travel with this person because you do not know them. Giving someone a bit of money usually makes them go away even if they are scamming you, or you might help someone who is truly stranded.

Never give these people your credit card or make it obvious that you are carrying a lot of cash. Handle over a bill or two to pay for their travel, wish them well, and walk away quickly.

Can You Adjust Your Schedule To Help This Traveler?

You should not adjust your schedule to travel with this person. It is safer for you to keep your travel schedule. However, you may be presented with a situation where you know this traveler is sick, hurt, or in immediate danger. You can adjust your schedule by communicating with your travel agent, talking to your airline, or asking the boat captain if you can launch later than normal.

A Few Things You Should Not Do

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There are a few things you should not do when you encounter someone who is in danger. You should not bring them back to your hotel or vacation house. The home that you found through a site like should be a safe place for your family to rest. You cannot feel safe if you have a stranger sleeping in the house. Plus, you should not even tell this person where you are staying.

You should not try to investigate the situation on your own, and you should not expose your wallet to thieves. When you give someone cash or coins, you should reach in your pocket without showing off how much money you are carrying. Also, you should not allow this person to take your phone for a phone call. You can make the call for them.


When you are traveling, you might meet someone who seems to be in trouble or has lost their wallet. You cannot help these people all by yourself. Do not take them back to your vacation, and do not give them your phone to make a call. You should call over the police you see on the street, tell them where the embassy is, and give them a little cash if you like. You cannot be a superhero on your next family vacation.

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