Are Sex Dolls Illegal In Some Countries?

Sex dolls and sex toys, in general, have been used since ancient times. Some satisfy sexual desires in this way because they do not have a partner, while others use some of these to “spice up” their sex life and return the passion to the relationship.

Women don’t like to talk about sex toys. Few will admit to having them, and even fewer to use them. However, numerous studies have shown that sexual aids can very well spice up life in the bedroom. Until just a few years ago, the story of sex toys was a taboo topic. There are still those who talk about it shamefully, but the fact is that the demand for them is growing. Today, there are various sexual aids that can be used alone or with a partner. What we are going to talk about in this article are sex dolls.

Sex dolls are dolls designed to simulate sex, most of them female with three openings: oral, vaginal, and anal. The main purpose of the doll is male masturbation and simulation of sex, but they are often bought as fun gifts (girls’, boys’).

Although for most the first association of inflatable dolls is made of cheap material and poor workmanship that does not even manage to lead to excitement, today there are those realistic sex dolls that provide ultimate pleasure. Of course, there are also male versions of dolls. Ladies, you are not forgotten! These dolls are made with an inner skeleton and movable joints and for many have become much more than joking gifts and toys.


While many believe that sex dolls cannot provide complete satisfaction because you have to do all the work yourself, others believe that this is the advantage of using them – you can finally try everything you did not hesitate to suggest to your partner! Especially if we take into account all the more realistic materials from which the dolls are made and almost perfectly imitate real skin or hair.

We come to the important thing – where to buy? There are sex shops in many cities, although in smaller communities people are ashamed to go inside, dancing that someone will recognize them. For this reason, many prefer to shop online – there is no feeling of discomfort and you can take as much time as you want to explore everything about the product that is tempting to you.

There are countries where sex toys are not viewed favorably, so it is difficult to find a place where you can buy them. Or, if it exists, the range is very limited. Take for example Saudi Arabia which got this action relatively recently. It was announced that only religiously permitted items for adults would be sold. In fact, this is more about sexual aids that help create pleasure, not about masturbation items or inflatable dolls.

To a beginner, the world of love dolls may seem complicated given that there are really a lot of different models on the market, we suggest you research well what exactly you want before you decide to buy.


Two types are most often sold: cheaper inflatable PVC dolls and realistic dolls made of materials that are very similar to leather to the touch.

We have already mentioned that PVC dolls are obsolete and are usually given away as a joke for a bachelor party, and have been replaced by realistic dolls. Certain models have inserts like masturbators instead of standard openings to enhance the feel. Also, models with a vibrating vagina are not that rare.

In addition to dolls, there are also models shaped like a specific part of the body.

Research has shown that the adult industry has experienced a real expansion around the world in the past year and a half, or more precisely since the coronavirus pandemic began. In addition to pornography, sex has also been used as a form of escapism, as evidenced by statistics on the increase in online sales of sex toys. Those in a couple, at the time of the pandemic, spent more time with their partner, and some used that time to spice up their sex lives and bring in novelty. Those who were not in a partnership, due to the inability to move and lack of content in the past, could not even reach a partner, so they resorted to sex toys and various cyber variants of sex.

The growing popularity of sex toys is partly due to the fact that women are increasingly expressing their desire and need for pleasure, which has not been a common case in the past. By discovering sex toys together, couples are actively working to improve relationships and add new nuances to mutual pleasure, which will surely contribute to rapprochement and bring the always necessary note of playfulness and relaxation that will shake up routine everyday life.

Final thoughts


The modern way of life, along with numerous obligations that do not leave us time for social life, is another factor for many men that makes it difficult to find a partner. Many find solace in sex dolls whose market has become increasingly vibrant in recent years. Dolls are becoming more sophisticated, their “bodies” are made of high-quality “flesh-like” materials, and with the addition of artificial intelligence, dolls are increasing “understanding” the needs of their owners.

It is believed that the adult industry has a bright future ahead, so the demand for sex dolls and other toys will continue. Many see the use of sex dolls as an opportunity to try something new (with a new doll) without hurting their partner. In essence, this is true, and your partner will be pleasantly surprised when you show him the new techniques you have mastered. Win-win situation!

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