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How to Sell Property Online – 2024 Guide

If you have been offered some job in another city, country or state, you will probably have to completely change your lifestyle. Commuting every single day to another city is impossible which means that the only way you can accept this job offer is to move. Moving out of the comfort of your own home and selling your property may be one of the most difficult tasks you can face in your life. Especially if you plan on doing everything by yourself.

You could also be thinking about selling some other property you have invested in. Finding the right time to deal with your investment property and waiting for the right price can be difficult if you do not have any previous experience in selling your property online.

Fortunately, you will glad to know that you won’t have to deal with all of this by yourself because there are a lot of real estate agents that will be able to help you. For those that do not want to hire the services of a real estate agent, there are websites where you can list your property and sell it online. The internet is truly an amazing place.

However, even with the help of a real estate agent or websites, you will still need a couple of bits of advice to help you finalize the sale.

Agent, FSBO, or Home Buyers?

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It is no secret that there are multiple ways you can put up your property for sale.

Real Estate Agent

The most common and reliable way to take upon a task such as this is just to hire a real estate agent who will do most of the work for you. Their expertise and experience with previous projects similar to yours will help to sell the house for as much as possible and as fast as possible too.

An alternative option that can offer a completely online sale is to go to a cash house buying company like

As suggested by, real estate agency based in Limassol, Cyprus, the agent should also be familiar with the market in your area. The pricing of your property will heavily depend on its location. This is why it is so important to find a real estate agent that will be able to analyze the pricing history of houses in your neighborhood. This can give you an idea of exactly how much you will need to sell your house.

For sale by owner or FSBO

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The process of selling your own property without the help of a real estate agency is referred to as For Sale by Owner, or more commonly as FSBO. This means that you can create your own listing of your real estate without anyone’s help.

Why would someone take up on this kind of task by themselves? A lot of people have been wondering the same thing and for a good reason. Not everyone has enough free time to analyze their property, neighborhood, and decide its value. They would also have to go through all of those documents to legitimately list their house as FSBO.

However, if you do have the free time to do it all by yourself, you will be glad to know that you won’t have to pay a commission to anyone. Agents will ask for a certain percent of the total amount of money you make out of selling your property. Even just one or two percent of the total price can be a lot of money. To keep this money, you will have to do all the work without any professional help.

Another advantage of FSBO is the fact that you can do all of this online. You won’t even have to get out from the comfort of your home and you will be able to list your property online that everyone will be able to check out.


The last option is to turn to home buyers. These buyers are usually companies that are prepared to pay you in cash. For those that are looking for fast cash and to sell their real estate as fast as possible, this may be the best option. Keep in mind that they will probably offer you a much lower price than what you might expect.

Things you should do before listing your house online

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Assuming that you have decided to go with the FSBO option and that you will do everything online, there are some things you will need to do before pressing that “List” button on the website.

Clean the house

Naturally, the best way to advertise your property to people that are interested in buying a new home is by posting photography on your listing. But, people do not like to see cluttered, dirty, or too personalized space. This is why it is vital that you first do a clean sweep of all the rooms first before you take the pictures.

Wipe all of the floors and maybe even pour some polish to really make them shine on your photos. You should also do some dusting to make your furniture seem as new as possible. We would also recommend that you should take down any pictures that you have of yourself or your family. Personal pictures can be off-putting for online buyers.

Take photos

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Once you are done cleaning, the next step would be to take the photos. For your bedroom, you will only need one or two angles, just make sure they are wide enough. One wide-angle from the bedroom door and one from the opposite corner will be enough. One photograph of the bathroom will be more than enough. A couple of wide-angle photographs from your living room and your kitchen will also be needed. If you have a backyard, it would be nice if you post a couple of pictures from that too. Once you are done, you can start uploading the photographs online.

By following this simple guide, you will surely sell your property at a much better price than you expected.

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