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How to Deep Clean Your Home in 2024 – 13 Tips for Beginners

Spring is the best time for deep and detailed cleaning of your home, which is especially important after a long winter when most people choose to do only basic choirs. When it is finally a warmer temperature outside, you can ventilate every space in your home, and clean to the tiniest blade.

Deep cleaning is especially important because you will increase the quality of air at home and prevent allergies from dust. Also, you will get rid of viruses and bacteria that have surely collected in your home during winter.

Deep cleaning of your home requires some effort and time, but you will be able to clean each part of it in just one week. In this article, we are going to introduce you to the best tips for deep cleaning of your home.

1.  Carpets and Doormats

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During the long winter, ice and water deposits may remain in the doormat and damage it. However, even if it is in a very bad condition, you don’t have to throw it away, since you can clean and restore it to be as good as new. When it comes to the inside doormat and carpet, you can use a proper vacuum cleaning. The market is full of various vacuum cleaners, click here to check some of the best ones.

2. Kitchen Sink

Many products could help you clean the sink properly, like Clorox, Mr. Clean, Vim, and other similar sprays. Also, we advise you to use aseptic because it kills bacteria that could deposit around the sink. Moreover, in case you have an installed garbage disposal, you can let a web lemon peels to run through the system since it will reduce the smell. Also, use some chemical similar to Cilit Bang, that will make the pipes cleaner and more effective.

3. Fridge

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Spring is the best time for cleaning your fridge, especially if it is full of leftovers and winter stores. You should turn it off, empty it, and clean it in tiniest bits. Also, clean the freezer and turn in off if there is too much frost in it. The best method for cleaning the refrigerator is by warm water and soap.

4. Cleaning the Oven and Stove

Commonly, people are using their ovens and stoves more often during the winter. While most of us are cleaning the stove regularly, the oven is the problematic part, often full of fat layers and dirt. You will need a heavy-duty pad and warm water with some chemical like Mr. Muscle. Products like Cif are the best for cleaning the stove.

5. Bathroom Curtain

People frequently forgot to wash the curtain in the bathroom, and it can become full of dirt and bacteria too. You can throw it in a washing machine, which is the easiest method if cleaning the curtain. You could also use distilled wine vinegar for cleaning it more often, which is also great for the sink and the shower.

6.  Furniture

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It depends on the material, and in case that it is a basic fabric, you could use a vacuum cleaner for your sofas and loveseats. Also, additional pillows can be cleaned in the washing machine. In case you have leather furniture, you will need a special spray that will clean and improve the durability of leather. The DUY version for cleaning leather is white vinegar with warm water.

7. Bookshelves

Since there will be a great number of dust deposits in your home, especially if you didn’t have a proper cleaning throughout the whole winter, our advice is to rearrange your books and clean every spot on the shelves. You will get rid of the dust, get cleaner air in the room, and who knows, maybe you will find some book that you haven’t read already.

8. Bedroom

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Cleaning the bedroom requires to put all your bed sheets and pillows in the washing machine, and a proper vacuum cleaning of the room. Also, be sure to clean under the bed too, and every other piece of furniture. If you have pictures, clean the frame with warm water since there could be serious deposits of dust too. Pay special attention to the cleaning of mattress, since there are often various germs and mites. The best way for cleaning the mattress is by vacuum cleaning.

9. Closet

During spring, it is a perfect time to store your winter close and prepare one for warmer time. Our advice is to use vacuum bags for your pullovers and jacket. Also, you can take away all your close to see what can serve you for another season.

10. Garden Furniture

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Garden furniture might seem most problematic during the spring cleaning, especially if it was on open throughout the whole winter. If you have wooden chairs and a table outside, you might need sandpaper and varnishing. Also, this is a great time to redecorate your garden, maybe change the color of the furniture, and add additional equipment like a fire pit or a wooden swing loveseat.

11. Windows

Well, cleaning the glass is easy, and you will need a glass spray and a piece of the clot. However, you should clean the frame if the window too, especially if it is made of wood. The best way to keep your wooden windows more durable is to varnish them every few years.

12. Microwave

Microwave is often full of stains of various food that you are preparing in it. And the cleaning method should be the same as for your stove, but you could also use lemon peel, vinegar, and warm water to clean it by turning the microwave on for a few minutes with a bowl full of vinegar and lemons inside. This method is great for effectively get rid of all sediments that collected inside of it.

13. Shelves and Kitchen Applies

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The best way to do proper cleaning of your kitchen is to take all dishes and applies from the shelves and clean it in tiniest bits. Also, you should consider placing all those dishes that haven’t been used for a long time into the dishwasher. Also, you should clean the coffee machine and juicer just by letting them work only with water for a few circles. Other applies like a toaster a baker you can clean by soapy water and cloth.

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