Sammy Draper Net Worth 2024 – An Instagram Star Turned Model

Sammy Draper is an American Instagram star who turned into a professional model. Her popularity increased after she was competing for Miss JetSet magazine and Maxim’s finest. Even though she is now a complete professional, she still remains pretty active and popular on Instagram. She is often described as a peculiar model because of her height. If you are interested in learning all there is to know about her personal life, professional career, and, of course, net worth, stay with us until the end of the article.


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Sammy Draper is born in Philadelphia, the United States on the 17th of November 1993. As of today, she is 26 years old. Information about her family has not been available to the public. The reason is that she didn’t share any information on her Instagram profile. At the same time, she didn’t discuss it in her statements and posts. The identity of her parents and possible siblings remain unknown. When it comes to her love life, the situation is pretty much the same. Even though she frequently receives comments and messages from a high number of males on her profile, the facts about it remain unknown so far.


As we’ve mentioned in the first part of our article, before she started her professional model career, she was mainly present on social media, Instagram in particular. Her serious modeling career started when she competed for the title of Maxim’s Finest with Deni Kay. Back in 2012, she opened a Twitter account where she shared her video from hiking on Lemmon in Tuscon, Arizona. This was one of the milestones that launched both her social media popularity and modeling career. After her participation in Maxim’s Finest, she became pretty popular in the world of modeling.

She started doing photoshoot modeling for a lot of prominent houses. At the same time, she managed to accumulate a large following on her Instagram profile with her exceptional photos. After participating in Maxim’s Finest, she was competing for the title of Miss JetSet Magazine. As of today, she has around 400,000 followers on her Instagram account. Her provocative and interesting content surely makes her one of the best-known Instagram stars in the United States. At the moment, she is working on her modeling career and it looks like that it goes in the right way.

Net Worth

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As of 2024, Sammy Draper’s estimated net worth is roughly $300,000. The biggest part of her accumulated wealth comes from her modeling career. At the same time, we wouldn’t underestimate her monetizing her Instagram profile and having a proper income from this source as well. With her still being young we can be pretty sure that her net worth will increase over time. In fact, we can be 100% percent sure that will be the case because the popularity of social media is at a pretty high level and there is no reason to believe it will not increase in the future.

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