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Commercial Front Door Mats – First Defense Line Against Soil Control and Impression

Well-planned commercial floor entrance mat choice and installation will help to serve visitors and even your employees. The benefits of commercial floor entrance mat range from better safety to germs control as well as branding.

Benefits of commercial floor entrance mats

  • Better safety – Businesses are responsible for the dangers that can arise, especially in high-traffic zones like entryways and lobbies. Smart businessmen choose anti-slip entrance mats that will reduce the risks by removing dirt and moisture from visitors’ shoes before it enters the indoor floor surface. It protects the smooth granite and hardwood from getting slippery over time.
  • Protect floors – Commercial buildings’ entryways, loading docks, elevator lobbies, etc. have common floor surfaces like granite, hardwood, concrete, and ceramic tiles. Normal wear & tear or even dropping things can chip, crack or scratch the surface, which can lead to an unprofessional and unsafe condition. Commercial vinyl or rubber floor mats are designed to protect floor surfaces because they serve as a cushion between falling things and the floor. The force of falling things is absorbed and thus the direct shock is reduced, so its original appearance is preserved.
  • Germ control – Sanitizing mats are a good option for hospitals and laboratories. They are designed with advanced antimicrobial technology to remove bacteria and germs from contaminating the indoor sterile environment.
  • For branding – Customized logo mats can directly communicate your brand message right from the entrance or in the reception area of the elevator lobbies. It complements your marketing efforts because the logo gets etched in the visitor’s mind and allows for developing a brand affinity for converting into customers.

First impression matters in a lot of ways. Even without interaction visitors can expect what kind of welcome they will get as they enter the entryway that has a high-standard commercial entry rug installed.

Types of commercial doorway mats

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Waterhog entry mats

Ultimate Mat offers a WaterHog doormat, which is best for trapping dirt and water. The eco-friendly mat sets a style tone right before entering the commercial store. It is functional and versatile. It is available in all-rubber, synthetic, and nylon materials.

The backing is anti-slip and made from recycled material. The water dam border facilitates the mat to retain a lot of water, which ensures that the dirt and water are locked. It’s a great option for commercial businesses encountering regular wet environments [rain, snow, hail, or sleet].

Entrance mats

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Entry matting has to be placed outside and inside the entryway. Before reaching the unprotected floor, guests need to take a minimum of 10 steps. For better safety ensure to have an outdoor mat that covers the guest’s 15 steps. So, 15 steps outside and 15 steps inside the building are great for soil damage control.

Choose patterns like diamond ridge or waffle to enhance dirt collection from the surface of shows. The backing has to be rubber or vinyl so that the mat sits tightly clung to the hard or carpeted floors.

Scraper mats

These are really tough and durable floor mats that are ideal for absorbing or trapping debris and moisture from footwear for people walking on them. It is an excellent choice for preventing dirt from entering the buildings.

Even though they absorb oil and moisture, they do not become skiddy. You could choose the cleated scraper mats if you need extra grip. They are suitable for both, tiled and hardwood floors.

Wiper mats

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The wiper mats are suitable for placing next to the scraper mats, as they help in protecting the buildings from dust and debris caused due to foot traffic. These are usually placed inside the doors while scraper mats are perfect for placing outside the doors.

They are tough and made of microfibers to offer the best absorption of moisture. The anti-slip layer of these mats is mostly made of vinyl or rubber which prevents them from moving from their positions.

Oil Absorbent Mats

Just like the name suggests they are manufactured specifically for absorbing greasy and oily dirt. You can use them in places where there is high usage of oils and lubricants like garages and commercial warehouses.

If you wish to keep your commercial premises free from oily stains, then these are the best choice. The base of these mats is made of rubber to hold them steady and avoid slipping. They could have wider borders to allow better rubbing for the users.

Anti-fatigue mats

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In some work environments employees need to be on their feet for a long. Standing in the same position for a long can place plenty of stress on their feet. Anti-fatigue mat has a layered design, so using its core allows measured compression. As you step on them the mat compresses, which helps to stimulate the lower back, legs, and feet muscles.

Weight is distributed evenly and promotes better circulation. It is perfect for areas, where employees need to work standing on their feet for a long like behind retail counters, restaurant kitchens, or laboratories. It is also the best solution for dry and wet zones as it offers increased traction to employees. So, employees feel less tired, and thus productivity increases and labor costs decrease.

Drainage mats

There are slots or holes in the drainage mat that easily allow liquid to pass through, which keeps the mat dry. It is crucial in regions that need better slip & trip protection like commercial kitchens, restaurant bars, and food processing plants.

Carpet entrance mats

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Carpet fibers are used to make stylish floor mats with different colors and designs. These are designed from polyester and nylon fibers. It has a vinyl or rubber backing that enhances the mat’s longevity even in high-traffic entryways of commercial buildings.


Choose any kind of entry door mats mentioned above and have your business logo included in the design. Just offer your logo and business name to the floor mat manufacturer. They use technology to imprint your brand name. It means you don’t lose practicality and performance while welcoming guests with logo-customized door mats of any type.

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