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Relaxation Tips for Performers

It is natural to have an attack of nerves before a performance. Even seasoned performers get the jitters, the butterflies in the stomach before stepping up on stage. For the more experienced, being nervous before a show is good. Too much self-confidence can keep you lax. But too much anxiety can also stop you from performing your best. The idea of sharing your talent is exciting, but at the same time, you worry if the audience will appreciate you and get their applause. You get worked up wondering if you remember your lines, your notes, or your moves. Performing in front of a crowd of people you don’t know can be scary.

However, there are various techniques you can practice to alleviate the edginess. Here are some ideas you can try to help.

Do some relaxation techniques

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A lot of performers practice relaxation techniques to calm their nerves. Meditation is an excellent way to settle you down. Meditation not only awakens awareness in your body but helps you to rehearse mentally. This, in turn, significantly improves your performance on the big day. Some get into yoga. Like meditation, yoga keeps you aware of your body and breathing, which are vital factors for performers. When you are focused on breathing exercises, it allows you to calm your nerves and reduce anxiety, allowing you to gain the confidence you need to perform in front of a crowd. Others enjoy going to the spa to indulge in being pampered. Their muscles are relaxed, and their tension is relieved. You can transform your bathroom into a spa and get the same treatment at home. JT Spas offers a variety of bathroom furnishings that you could check out for a spa atmosphere at home. When you create your home spa, you can indulge at any time when you feel you need to relax your nerves and muscles. Take advantage of these amenities you have at home. Listen to calming music while you’re at it.

Prepare days before the performance

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Don’t wait until the last hour to cram through what you are supposed to be doing for your show. If you are a singer or instrumentalist, go through your pieces over and over to ensure that you know them by heart. One of the biggest mistakes of singers is not memorizing their songs. It is so easy nowadays to have a gadget in front of you, on your music stand, where you can read your lyrics. The problem with this is that you forget to focus on what the song is really about. You are too engrossed in getting your lyrics right, and you fail to express what it means.  You lose contact with your audience, who do not feel you. Try as best as you can to know your music by heart and perform for your crowd. This also helps you gain self-confidence on stage.  Always keep in mind that practice makes perfect.

Hang out with other performers

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Nothing can ease frayed nerves more than hanging out with other performers like yourself. If you are part of a band or group, you can meet up and throw out suggestions to enhance your show. There are a lot of things to talk about that can distract you from your anxieties. Most performers love to talk about past experiences, on and off stage. You all get to laugh at inevitable mistakes the other has made on stage. You learn from these conversations. Older and more experienced performers can share valuable tips to help you improve in your craft. Listen and learn.

Think positive thoughts

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Instead of dwelling on thoughts about what could go wrong, focus on everything that will go right. Have faith in yourself. If you are nervous, accept that it is all a part of being a good performer. Keep in mind that you can do whatever you set your mind to. If you have practiced as you should, there is no reason why you can’t perform well.  Imagine yourself giving your best performance and you will.

Stop comparing yourself with other performers

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Whether you are a solo artist or performing with a band or musical group, comparing yourself to other performers can be detrimental. You have your own unique skills to share. Instead of focusing on how successful you think others are, work on making yourself a better performer. Do not allow another performer to bring you down or threaten the talent that you know you have. Compete with yourself. Give it everything you’ve got. If you think that another band or artist appeals more to a crowd, you could learn from them. Use it to your advantage. Allow their performance to inspire you to improve.

Take good care of yourself

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With all the practice and the effort that you go through before a show, you must also listen to your body. Do not overwork yourself to the point that when the performance day comes around, you are worn-out. Days of practice can burn you out. At the end of the day, forget about everything for a while and set your mind to relax. It would help if you rested to have the energy to perform. Get adequate hours of sleep. One of the biggest enemies of singers is the lack of sleep. This can lead to hoarseness, which you have to avoid when you are going to perform. This is true for public speaking as well. For instrumentalists, lack of sleep makes you lose focus. Eat well, so you have the stamina to both practice and perform. Keeping yourself healthy not only makes you physically fit but keeps your mind focused on what you have to do.

On the day of the show, give them all you’ve got. If mistakes happen, treat it like it was part of the whole performance. A lot of times, people don’t even notice the mistake you made except yourself. You have a talent that not everyone has. People have come to watch you. With or without expectations, it doesn’t really matter. What is important is that you have that gift to perform. Use it and share it for everyone to see and hear.

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