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12 Reasons Why You Should Be Playing Destiny 2 – 2024 Guide

If you are the one who is a die-hard fan of PlayStation3 or PlayStation4 and have never tried your hands on Destiny 2, then you are surely missing on something.

Destiny 2 has got quite a lot number of the fan base. It is a new generation game that all individual just desires to play at least once in its lifetime.

If you are fond of this game, then you will love the depth of Destiny 2. With fans looking for new weapons and new episodes, Destiny 2 has a lot more to offer to its followers.

Let us discover 12 reasons why you should be playing Destiny 2 – The biggest video game ever:

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  1. More Villains To Destroy And More Killing

Destiny 2 comes with a wide range of enemies that are powerfully disseminated across several planets to keep the action on. Killing multiple enemies will make the game more and merrier. It comes with more killing and a large number of alien enemies.

You will be approached by the new class of beasts and enemies. So, get ready to explore this game and see what it has to offer.

A more substantial level of customization makes fighting and killing your fellow Guardians a once in a lifetime experience.

Moreover, earn yourself a gear once you find out how to gain footing on the competitive scale.

  1. More Destiny 2 Exotic Boosts Weapons And Armors And More Loot

A large number of weapons and armor will keep you coming back for more. With tons of guns and rifles in the game, you will continue this game and discover unique items that you won’t find anywhere else.

These cool looking weapons and armors will keep you glued to the game for long. With more customized looting, Destiny 2 offers the potential to fiend both the look and the stats of your armors, guns, and weapons.

With fabulous pieces of gear and more and more loot, you will be waiting for the rewards and prizes of the next raid when it will be revealed later.

  1. It Is A Game That Is Genuinely Alluring

If you are the one who is fascinated with sci-fi, space, and universe, Destiny 2 has been designed with scenery that will surely catch anyone’s attention.

  1. Destiny 2 Game Assures Much More Than Its Predecessors

This much impressive game has much more to offer. Bungie and Activision have two expansions already planned for the game. This means that you will experience more levels, weapons, raids, enemies on the perspective.

So, explore every scrap of ground that has been laid by Bungie out before in Destiny 2.

  1. Try Out Something New Every Week

Destiny 2 allows you to try out something exciting every week. With new and weekly reset, which happens every Tuesday.

Bungie provides you with a new Nightfall strike, which is a three-player mission game that will let you start all over if you all die. Defeating these weekly strikes and mission will provide you with sweet gear that is weapon and more.

You will get to explore a special three-person mission that comes with their modifiers.

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  1. The Search For New Weapons

Destiny 2 lets you hunt and discover new and exotic armors and weapons in both old and unique ways. Collect exciting quests, and enemy drops every time you play this game.

With various Destiny 2 exotic boosts in the game, the fans of Destiny 2 will keep playing the game till they get every single one of these beautiful and rare items.

You will also get a handful of occasions where you can purchase special weapons or armor for the most part that can be utilized in the game. You will get these items through drops once you complete the story mission successfully.

This is also one of the compelling reasons why most people stay inclined to this game.

  1. Destiny 2 Lets You Discover A New Area Or Location

Explore various hidden locations with this new generation game. From frozen peaks of Europe to Jupiter’s moon and discovering the entire new covered arena, Destiny 2 will offer complete future expansion to his or her fans.

  1. Discover More Complicated Options

Destiny 2 provides more structured options when dealing with various clans. Damage numbers will turn yellow whenever the players hit the weak spots. With specific shields and weakness in enemies, especially in PVE, you will get tons of options to explore.

  1. Survival Of The Fittest

Destiny 2 lets the guardians discover cover, conserve resources, and then attack wisely. Moreover, PVP players need to focus on maintaining sustainability, decreasing cooldowns, and controlling the situation. This game surely proves the survival of the fittest strategy.

  1. Set-Up Fire Team Depending On Objective

This multi-player game lets you build fire teams for the modes. This allows you to adjust the loadout depending on the situation.

  1. Reduced Load Time

The length of the load time was one of the most prominent blemishes of this game. Hence, the reduced loading time has been happily addressed by Destiny 2, and people are much happy with the result.

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  1. Mind-Blowing Killer Engine

Destiny 2 provides some of the tightest gunplay that you have ever come across with its build-up engine. Destiny 2 is all about Gunplay.

Destiny 2 comes with a storyline to follow. If you are accustomed to the original, then you must know what I am talking about. In addition to that, there are many side activities which need to be done to get the next mission in the campaign. Overall, Destiny 2 is a fun game which great graphics and reward skills. It has been one of the popular games since 2018 and it deserves to be in the “popular” list as well.

Each episode opens up with a shocking revelation that lets you realize the entire Halo universe and mythology. With epic twists and turns in the plot, Destiny 2 is a big generation game.  Every gamer must give this game at least a try. Furthermore, you can click here to know more!

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