Top Reasons to Hire Security Guards for Your Warehouse

If your business operates one or more warehouses, whether in the head office city or further afield, it’s worthwhile thinking about whether these locations need extra protection.

Warehouses can be targets for crimes such as break-ins, theft, corporate espionage, and even pranks, all of which can cause a tremendous amount of damage, stress, and wasted time.

Here are some reasons why you might like to think about employing security guards to help you keep your warehouses safer.

Deter Thieves and Others with Nefarious Aims

The first main reason why you should consider hiring these personnel members for your locations is that they can work to deter thieves from trying to break into premises to steal or destroy goods. Many people are opportunistic and will take advantage of security gaps to try to take what they want, but they won’t do so if there’s a roadblock in their way. Guards act as this roadblock.

Security workers can watch for suspicious behavior and pick up on the possibility of crime before it escalates. Human patrols around a warehouse become a powerful deterrent for those who decide to try to rob places at the last minute or who aren’t great at developing detailed plans for theft with workarounds for security measures. Add security guards in addition to your security cameras, and you should see significant drops in the number of break-ins at your premises.

Make Workers Feel More Comfortable

If your warehouses are located in less-than-ideal areas as far as safety and security go, hiring some guards to be on-site can go a long way to making your workers feel more comfortable and secure on the job. You can boost employee morale by giving your team a reassuring security presence, especially if you have people who need to work at all times of the night and thus feel more vulnerable.

Employ guards, and you should find that employee productivity increases because people will have more peace of mind to go about their tasks and focus more intently. Your staff members are more likely to stay working for you, too, if they know you care about their safety and comfort and actually “put your money where your mouth is.”


Lower Internal Theft or Unauthorized Data Sharing

On the other hand, some companies run into trouble where they lose a lot of money and time each year due to the internal theft of goods, materials, or data or other breaches of trust. If you want to diminish your firm’s annual losses and boost profits instead, pay attention to what’s happening from within.

Hire security guards to make their presence felt in and around your warehouses, and you should notice that items don’t have to be written off as “lost” so often and that vital digital assets, especially intellectual property-related ones, don’t get shared without permission. None of us want to think badly of our staff members, but the reality is that theft can and does occur from these workers, as can the release of sensitive information, often by disgruntled employees.

Assist and Direct Visitors and Act as Company Ambassadors

One way you can further utilize security guards on-site at your warehouses and enjoy a greater return on investment is to get them working as a type of company ambassador. Since the guards are often the first people anyone sees when arriving at your place, they can help to assist and direct visitors.

They can ensure people get where they’re meaning to more easily and that fewer other staff members get disturbed by interruptions caused by unwanted visitors or those who end up in the wrong locations.


Provide Expert Witness to Police

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to invest in guards for your warehouse, consider that this person can be invaluable for police reports if issues arise. Hire guards, such as those found with an online search at, and you can make it more likely that perpetrators get apprehended.

Guards can be on hand in emergencies and, with their training, take note of identifying details or remember a chain of events and pass this on to detectives.

Help Out in Emergencies

Security personnel can do more than just keep a note of what happens during an emergency; they can also help out if problems suddenly arise. For instance, they can use their training to assist those on-site if there is a natural disaster, a terrorist attack, an armed robbery, or the like.

Security guards typically always have emergency response training, so they know how to protect people, premises, property, and the environment if something bad happens. They generally know how to stay calm and think clearly, even in the direst circumstances. Plus, guards should be adept at communicating instructions precisely to those around them in difficult situations. They should also understand how to lead people to safety as needed and count heads to ensure no one has been left behind.

Security staff members generally have at least some basic first aid training, so they can assist with treating people until help arrives if needed. It’s wise to utilize these workers in any emergency situation that crops up at your warehouse, as they’re undoubtedly the most suited on the premises to help out.


Set Up Security Equipment

Another reason to consider hiring security guards for your warehouse is that they can purchase or at least recommend useful security equipment that you might like to have on-site. After getting your go-ahead, they can then source items on your behalf and set them up in and around your warehouse. They might also be willing to train you and others on how to utilize the various tech gear.

Save yourself the job of learning about all the different equipment on offer and its pros and cons, and rely on your security guard team members instead. They can set up such tools for you in a much shorter timeframe than it would take you and ensure that you and anyone on the team who may need to use the equipment know how to operate it properly.

As you can see, there are many ways in which security guards can greatly benefit a warehouse location, regardless of what you may sell. It’s worth investigating companies today to get an idea of costs and then determine if this could be an option for your venture.

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