How To Prevent Outdoor Curtains From Blowing In Wind And Securing Them Well

Is this a regular problem when you try to sit outside on a windy morning? You are sitting on your porch, and suddenly the harsh wind just blows the curtain up on your face! Well, most people have the same problem with their outdoor curtain and end up not investing much in these options. Are summer breezes blowing these big curtains into your lap when you are trying to relax on the patio? Well, there are some ways in which you can contain curtains to enjoy some favorite afternoon time with family or friends.

Some simple tricks to follow

Well, you cannot control the wind, but you can try out some of the ways in which the curtains will work out well for you and won’t just blow right up against your face. There are some ideas for you to follow for the same, and those are mentioned below for your reference.

The perfect use of the tie-back for gathered curtains


If you want, you can gather the curtains and then pull them right to the side. After that, use the power of tie-back, now available in cute styles and designs, for holding the curtain fabrics together.

  • You can use the tie-backs when shader privacy is not the biggest concern, and you can tie up the curtains together. But, if you want some privacy, then these tie-backs won’t be of any help.
  • For some examples of the tie-backs and the curtain hooks, you can visit the online stores selling those alongside outdoor curtains. You can find the rope-based tie-back, which will be a perfect goal for the nautical-themed patio.

You can try cabling the curtain hem and then stake it down

For this method, you have to thread a decorative cable through the bottom portion of the hem and then attach it to a stake at both sides. Always be cautious of where it is staked to avoid any tripping hazards. If you want, you can position the tent stake closely towards the ground or just use a dog tie-out.

  • Staking always remains best for the curtains used during picnics or camping as they are noted to be temporary in nature.
  • These tent stakes are perfect for the hard dirt and will come in close contact for minimizing any form of tripping hazards.

Try to weigh down the hem


In this regard, you are asked to thread the small gauge chain through the proper gems of the curtains. It will help in keeping the entire curtain hanging down in a smooth manner and avoid the sections, which are blowing in the wind. On the other hand, you can try to fill the gem with pebbles or sand for a similar effect.

Installing the curtain roads or rail just towards the ground level

Always try to build that curtain rod on the floor and then just slide the curtains right onto the rod or rail. For that, you have to use the bottom hem of the outdoor curtain fabrics.

  • If you want, you can add the grommets to hem at regular intervals to affix to the said road and then create that perfect classier look.
  • With the help of a curtain rod, which is attached to the floor at minimum clearance, you get the chance to reduce any form of a tripping hazard. So, it will ensure safety while enjoying the outside atmosphere.

Go in with the decorative hem weights


If you want, you can try to attach the cute weights at around 1-foot intervals towards the bottom of the curtain. The main goal is to hold it down. The insect weight, which is located right below, will clip on without any problem and will add one garden feel to the outdoor space. So, try to focus on these points now, and you will enjoy the values like never before!

The perfect use of the magnetic connection

Some people will advise you to attach some magnets to the bottom of the curtain’s hem, and this idea is gaining quite some popularity among the masses right now. After you have attached the magnets, you have to hang with the opposite portion of the curtain facing against that base frame.

The value of washer to consider


There is no need to invest a lot of money on the outdoor curtain weight any longer when you have big washers to the rescue. You might have them somewhere in the garage and so start looking for them. You can use these to weigh the outdoor curtain or even secure the outdoor carpet right at its place.

  • All you have to do is sew these washers in the bottom seam of the curtain or just let them hang from the edges, working out as an embellishment.
  • Just make sure to use the M12 to the M20 sized washers, which are proven to be the best options for the outdoor curtains to focus on.
  • If the washers get bigger in size, they are going to be heavier and stronger wind might then defy them.

Use your DIY to work with the personalized weights

There is no need to purchase the pre-made weights from the market all the time. In its place, you can opt for the DIY values and create your own personalized outdoor curtain weights. It will help in improving the curb appeal to a whole lot level and will make your place completely unique from the rest.

  • So, for this, all you have to do is collect some of the pretty river stones from the local riverbank. You can even purchase some from online stores like Amazon.
  • Next stop, you have to tie the craft wire around every stone. Check out some online posts for ideas.
  • Then attach the clips to loops that you have created, and the DIY project is all set and complete.

Once you have chosen these points over here, things will work out well for you. Now you don’t have to worry about curtains blowing up to your face any longer.

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