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Curtains in 2024: Home Decoration Tips

Taking care of the design of your home is a fun, but challenging task. After you are done with the main parts like the colors and the furniture now is the time to look at all the things that will make a house look like a home. There are so many things that can show your creativity and personal touch to the house and the curtains are one of the most important.

Choosing the right curtains is not as easy as it sounds because there are so many different types and materials out there. If you started your quest to find the right curtains, you are probably in a huge panic not knowing which ones to choose.

Don’t worry, you are not the only one who is having the same issues. There are so many options available and you cannot know what you want and what you need before you look at all the options you have. Here we are going to talk about different types of curtains and hopefully, help you find the right curtains for your home.

Choosing the right fabric

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Curtains make the home look pretty, but they also have a functional purpose. Experts say that you should choose the fabric based on the room’s function.

If you want to keep the bedroom dark while you are sleeping, you should choose a fabric that is thicker and a style that will cover the whole window. At the same time, if you enjoy waking up to a light that’s leaking through your space, then you will need a fabric that is lighter and that will allow more light through.

Before you go and buy the curtains for your home, think about the rooms you will install those curtains in. Decide how much light you want in your room and what kind of fabric can help you achieve this desired amount of light.

Choose heavier fabrics like canvas, velvet, and muslin for rooms where more privacy is wanted. For the rooms that you want to have plenty of natural light, like a living room and kitchen, get curtains with lighter weight fabrics like nylon, satin, calico, and chintz.

Remember that the amount of light a room receives has a direct impact on how spacious it feels. If you want a smaller room to feel larger, then opt for curtains that will allow the light to go through. In rooms that feel harsh because of all the sunlight they receive or in rooms that you want to feel cozy or moody, you should choose heavier fabrics.

Choosing the right length

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You already know that the curtains are a significant visual design element in every room and the length of them has a major impact on how big that room feels.

Many people make the mistake of putting the rod right above the windows and they have the have of the curtain end right at the windowsill. You should not do that if you want your room to look taller.

The closer to the ceiling you put the rod, the taller and more spacious the room will feel. The same goes for the curtain hem. The closer it is to the floor, the bigger the room will look.

Choose how you want your room to look and based on that, choose the length of the curtains. If your home has a two-story great room, curtains can create a polished look.

If you want your room to look more formal, then put the treatments above the top set of the windows and let them cascade all the way down to the floor. You can see how that looks here and know that dramatic curtains that go from the floor to the ceiling work the best in rooms that already have high ceilings.

For shorter ceilings, you may need more traditional curtains that will make the room feel cozy and warm.

If you want your small room to feel larger, hang the curtain rod high, but have the hem end at the windowsill. Don’t let the hem hit the floor, especially if you use heavy fabric because this can make the room feel crowded.

Choosing the right color

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You probably already know that the color will make or break the space. The curtain color will help you achieve the desired tone for space and you need a color that works well with the other design elements.

The first thing you need to decide on is if you want your curtains to blend into the background or if you want them to pop. After you make this decision, look at your color palette and think about which aspects of it will help you achieve the desired look.

If you want your curtains to stand out, then choose the dominant color of your color palette. If your walls are painted in a bright color, then neutral colors and especially white linens will make a beautiful statement.

If you want your curtains to blend into the background, then pick a color of the natural bases of your color palette. Choose one that will frame your windows without them looking too ostentatious.

One thing you need to be aware of is the sun. Sunlight can and will fade curtains and how fast that process is, depends on the fabric and color.

Bright colors and bold patterns tend to fade faster than darker ones, especially on delicate fabrics. If you want to get a curtain that has vibrant hues, then you should consider hanging a curtain liner in between the window and curtain to prevent fading and to preserve your curtain.

It is really fun to decorate your new home, but when the time comes to choose curtains you might feel tempted to just get the first ones that are available because you are too tired from all the other things you already did.

Have patience and choose the right curtains for you. In the long run, you will see the benefit of finding the perfect curtains. Your house will feel like a home and you will see how you can transform a room into a majestic new place when you get the right curtains for you.

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