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How to Prevent Data Loss from WhatsApp Business App?

Data is everything in the modern business world. You need to have complete data on your target market before you launch a product. But that data isn’t that easy to get. It usually costs you an arm and a leg especially when you are an entrepreneur with a limited budget. So, what happens when you can’t buy this data? You try to get the information yourself. It’s a very tedious process and takes a lot of time. The data you acquire this way is very precious and you can’t lose it in any way. In most cases, many small businesses, tend to use free software for their business communication.

One of the most popular software in this category is the WhatsApp Business app. It’s easy to use and gets your messages to your target audience in no time. You also get to mature leads by chatting with your potential customers on this app. Sharing catalogs and other marketing material is another plus. But all this data is in your smartphone. So, what happens when lose your phone or it gets stolen? You lose all your data too! A good way to prevent that is to backup all your WhatsApp Business chats on your computer. If you are uncertain about how to do that, this website can help you a lot. They offer specialized services that can help you transfer your data while maintaining complete privacy. But before we go further into that, let’s discuss in which scenarios you’ll need to transfer your WhatsApp Business chats to your PC.

Making Backups Of Your Business Data

You have just started a small business and deployed a good marketing strategy that has pelted you with leads. Now you need to mature these leads and close sales. You need communication software for this job and most of the good ones available in the market are expensive. So, what do you do? You decide to settle with WhatsApp business, a free app. It has numerous uses and is good for closing sales. You start working on those leads and initiate sales talk with your customers. You learn a lot of things from your regular communication. The information you gather helps you improve your business and marketing strategies.

Now, this data is precious for you and needs to be preserved. You can transfer it into the cloud, but its best to have a hard copy backup too. This is where you make a backup of your WhatsApp Business Chats on your computer. You can simply upload your chats to your google drive and then download that data to your PC. This way you get a backup. But if you need professional help in this matter, then you go to DrFone Wondershare and the experts there get the work done for you. It’s a good company that offers dependable solutions in this regard.

Your Business Outgrows WhatsApp Business App

John, an entrepreneur, has a great business idea. He conducts strong business research on that idea and formulates a foolproof marketing strategy. Spending everything he got, he launches the business and receives an excellent response. The leads are flooding his inbox and he has no money left to but a good CRM to convert them. The only way to buy a CRM is to convert those leads and close some sales. He discusses the issue with his friends and they advise him to use the WhatsApp Business app.

The WhatsApp Business app is very promising and works great. John is closing sales and making repeat customers. His sales are increasing and it’s getting hard for him to maintain everything on WhatsApp. He needs a good CRM and now he has the money to buy one. He looks at some options in the market, tests their free trials and selects one for his business. Now he needs to get the data transferred from his phone to his computer to get the CRM up and running. He contacts the customer care and the guys there are stumped. There is no way to transfer the data. John researches online and finds a company that can help him overcome his issue. He hires them and they transfer all his data to his CRM. Everything is good now and John is immensely happy.

Transferring WhatsApp Business chats from Android to iOS and vice versa

Most people spend their entire lives deciding between the right smartphone operating system. With so many options available in the market, one can hardly blame them. Ignoring the plethora of options, we also have Android and iOS fans who would go to any extent to prove that their operating system for smartphones is above all others. When you talk to them, you will have thousands of benefits and features that make their preferred operating system better than the rest. You accept the opinion of a very convincing friend and decide to shift from Android to iOS or vice versa. Once you have bought the device offering the better OS you find that you can’t transfer some very important data that you had in your previous device. Data like your WhatsApp Business chats. So how do you get that data transferred? The answer to that question is just the same as the one we discussed in this article. The same company that helps you with WhatsApp business transfer PC backup, will also help you in this regard.

Ending Words

Information on clients is important for all businesses out there. It is paramount for small businesses to steadily gain success in the market. This data needs to be secured in all situations. When you are using applications such as WhatsApp Business, make sure you have multiple backups of your client’s data. You won’t be getting it again in any way once you lose it. Also remember, when you are employing a private company to transfer your business chats, make sure they are professional and maintain privacy. You don’t want your data being used by your competitors. If you can check all the right boxes then there is nothing preventing your success. Good luck.

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