3 Ways to Practice Table Tennis Without Table

Table tennis is a sport that requires a lot of practice. Many players usually hire coaches to practice with, but not everyone can afford to have this facility. Not having a trainer or a companion to play, doesn’t mean that you will stop practicing. If you are alone, you have to try to find ways that can help you enhance your skills. This article contains information on how a person can rehearse alone at his place.

Are you a beginner who is going to start his journey in table tennis? If yes, then you might be thinking of purchasing the equipment that is needed to play it. It is not necessary that you have to buy all the things at once only. Sometimes even if you don’t have a table, you have to work without it until you get it. We have also mentioned some tips that can be helpful for a player who doesn’t own a tennis table yet.

No doubt that table tennis is a sport meant to be played in coordination with an opponent, and the fundamental skills are developed only when you are playing with a rival. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot practice alone at home. Skipping rehearsals will not take you anywhere. Meanwhile, if you need some suggestions regarding the best table for this game, you can check here.

How To Practice Table Tennis Without A Table?


1. Try using some old table

Some players think that they will purchase all the tennis equipment once they get some hold over the sport. And this is fine. Everyone doesn’t need to buy everything beforehand. Even if you don’t have a professional tennis table, you can use any old one that you have in your home. Any old wooden table can play the role of its substitute. You can even use the kitchen tables to enhance your skills while you are at home and without a tennis table.

2. Hitting the ball directly on the walls


Another option that works well when you don’t own a tennis table is to hit the ball against some wall directly. The ball will bounce back by striking itself on the wooden floor of your home. It is one of the best and most effective methods to use when people start their table tennis journey.

3. Hitting the ball up in the air

Last but not least, what you can do is hit the ball up in the air and catch it from the other side. Hitting the ball in the air can help develop various skills. All you have to do is keep striking the ball from one side and then the other. This is a great technique to analyze how long you can last.

Practicing Table Tennis Alone At Home


1. Learn about all the rules of the sport

The first step that a person should take while starting his journey in this sport is to study its rules carefully. Without knowing the rules and regulations of the game, it will be useless for you to begin your practice sessions. Therefore, it is a crucial point to note down before commencing your rehearsals.

2. Watch table tennis videos

Sometimes, when you are exhausted and don’t feel like playing, watching videos related to this sport is a great idea. There are many instructional recordings available online that can help you to kickstart your career in this sport. Watching professional players playing the game will give you an idea of where you are lacking. It is a perfect way to learn skills when a person is tired and doesn’t feel like doing any physical exercise.

While watching experts playing, try to note down all the tactics that they are using. It is essential to note down things so that it will be easy for you to recall those tips and tricks when you finally get back to playing. At that point, it will be easier for you to implement those tactics.

3. Purchasing a table tennis robot


Table tennis robots have been gaining a lot of popularity these days. Various players are using it to rehearse when they are alone at home. All you have to do is set a timer in these robots to respond whenever you are hitting the ball towards it.

It is considered an excellent replacement for a human robot.

The only drawback that you may face is that it can be a little expensive. High-quality robots that perform very well can cost you above 2000 dollars. For someone unwilling to spend this much money buying a robot, there are various other options available online under a budget, but they might not have excellent quality.

4. Get yourself a return board

Another way that can help people who have to play alone at their place is a return board. When you hit the ball, the returned board will bounce it back to you. In this way, it can help you to rehearse while you don’t have an opponent with you. You can find these boards easily on various online websites or any of your nearby stores. These usually cost around 250 dollars which is not very expensive as compared to the robots.

5. Do some physical exercise daily

We all know that tennis is a challenging sport, and players have to maintain their physical and mental health. While you are practicing at home, try to move around more. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to catch the pace of the other players. Try to exercise or move your body daily to maintain good health.

To Sum Up


Whenever you think of starting a journey in any sport, it becomes essential for you to arrange its equipment first. However, it is not necessary to purchase all the things at once only when it comes to table tennis. Even if you don’t have a tennis table, you can manage to practice without it while you are at home. And once you get familiar with the game, you can think of buying a table for it.

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