Is It Smart to Play Online Casino Games on a Public Network – 2024 Guide

If you like to gamble, you probably noticed how popular online platforms became in the last few years. The main reason for such popularity is the convenience that we get from this model. There is no need to travel to another area of the country to try your luck, which is the case in the countries where this sort of entertainment is limited. You can use your PC or smartphone to enter a world with thousands of games. Moreover, with the high competition on the market, popular names are competing to attract more potential players by offering some great deals, such as a newbie bonus where you can get free credit and spins along with your first investment.

If you are interested in this option, it is beneficial to research the market more often and find new platforms where you can get this amazing feature. It is an excellent option to use casinosaudit where you can check the list of newest websites. The main reason for that is because most of them will provide you with the bonus only once.


Furthermore, there are other important factors as well, like the security, selection of games, interface, option to download a mobile app, and much more. It is crucial to research any option you are interested in to be sure that you can get a higher chance of winning. One of the most important factors is the return rate percentage, and you should check more about it and choose those websites and games with a higher returning point. On the other side, security is essential as well.

One of the best ways to check whether some website is reliable is to look for online reviews, ratings, and other data available about the owner of the casino. That way, you can significantly decrease the chances of getting scammed. Furthermore, the way you connect to the internet can also affect your security while gambling. We are going to analyze more about that in the following article.

Is It Safe To Use Public Wi-Fi?


There are many available wireless networks that we can use for free, especially in bigger cities. That is especially the case with bars, hotels, and restaurants since it is common for people to look for a Wi-Fi connection there. Also, there is a trend of adding hotspots to parks and public transport as well. In terms of security, there is a lot of things to pay attention to if you want to ensure your privacy while using any of these connections.

The main issue is related to fake hotspots and entry points. Hackers are using this technique for a long time. In this method, they will create an open network that doesn’t require a password to enter it. However, they could intercept the connection and download anything that you were using at the moment. The biggest risk is when you are using mobile banking apps, which is necessary when you want to gamble over your phone. In that case, there is a great danger that they could manage to steal the funds from your account.

The best way to avoid this potential problem is to always be sure that you are accessing a well-known connection. On the other side, every connection that is open all the time represents a danger. In that matter, you should avoid using mobile banking or sharing some private data while using it. Another solution is VPN protection, which is adding a layer of protection in the browser by using encryption. In case that you don’t have this software, maybe the best solution is to keep using the mobile data.

What About Gambling?


There is a risk of using public open networks to gamble online since someone could intercept your connection and try to steal your funds. Even if you are using a well-known app or website for gambling, they could take out some files with data related to your bank account. There is even dangerous when you are using some protected network with the required password. For example, the one that you can find in most restaurants and bars. However, with some modern updates in technology and internet connection, these services are becoming more reliable.

On the other side, it is crucial to avoid registrations on websites, online shopping, gambling, and any other activities that involve sharing private data and bank account while you are connected to the network that doesn’t require a password.

On the other side, if there are no available connections that can be trusted at the moment, maybe the best option is to skip this activity for some other time. If you choose to play games by using mobile data, that might drain your internet unless you have an unlimited package, which is still pretty expensive in many countries. Most of these games have advanced graphics and gameplay, which can increase the use of the internet, and require a reliable and fast connection.



We expect that the market of online casinos will continue to grow even more. Therefore, the developers will create even better security systems over time. When it comes to the most recent solutions, we have to mention the implementation of cloud computing and blockchain technology. Cloud computing allows the developers to add improved features to online games without any issues with the speed or processing them over mobile apps or browsers. Also, it can help add higher levels of security.

Blockchain technology is commonly related to cryptocurrencies, but there are many other uses of this system, especially when it comes to fast processing of files and increased safety when online. Moreover, choosing gambling platforms that support e-wallet payments is the safest solution today, and there are some other advantages as well.

For example, you can remain anonymous since people could only track the code of your wallet, without the ability to see your name or address. Also, one of the biggest benefits is the waiting time for withdrawing the many from these platforms, which is between two and five days when it comes to typical models. However, you can instantly collect your winnings with this option.

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