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An Overview of the Country of Georgia

Located at the crossroads of Asia and Europe, the gold-laden land of Georgia is famous all over the world due to a multitude of reasons including beautiful landscapes, unique souvenirs and unlimited chances for sightseeing. The largest city and capital of Georgia are Tbilisi, which is a perfect blend of modern and historical architecture. Some basic things that you must know about the country of Georgia are explained below.

Geographical Location:

This country is located in the Casausas Mountains, with its highest point at Mount Shkara (16,627 ft approx.) It also shares a border with the Black Sea and its one-third area consists of thick mighty forests. The population decreases with the increase in altitude, as we can expect. The state also happens to face Earthquakes twice or thrice a year, but its intensity is very low, so it poses no serious threats to the human habitat in Georgia.


According to research, like every other country, multiple religions coexist in the state as minorities. 90% of the population is Orthodox Christian while the rest of the 10% are Muslims. However, in the 4th century, Christianity was declared as the national religion of this state. It also explains the significance of Orthodox Gerginity Trinty Church for the locals of this country.


There is a very interesting fact about the language of Georgia. Only Georgians learn and speak this language, around the globe. No other country or city follows this language. It was initially rooted in the ancient Aramaic, which has symbols and characters like no other. Some of its consonants require different facial expressions such as some words are spoken with a puff of air etc. Some other languages spoken in Georgia include Azeri, Armenian and Russian, However, the official language of Abkhazia is Abkhaz.


The land of Georgia is blessed with all four seasons due to different elevations of different locations. Along the coast, the climate stays Mediterranean and subtropical, perfect for picnics, sulfur baths and enjoying the beachy days out. However, when we go to the mountainous region, the climate stays cold and doesn’t have much summer in it.

At the top-most elevation, there is a lot of snow and a person gets plenty of chances to play with snowmen. Last but not the least, the driest patch of the country is its South-Eastern part. When it rains, the chances of getting closer to the sea increase significantly.


Culture is the most important thing for any place. No matter how developed or modern a state is, it’s the culture that makes people stay or visit the place more or often. Many countries have become so advanced that they have lost their original essence or true values.

If we talk about Georgia, it will be doubtless to say that its culture is very well taken care of. The locals have made sure to not let the modernization take away their culture’s charm. The street art, national clothes, historical buildings, and monumental statues play an integral role in completing the deep-rooted culture of Georgia. The locals of the state are very friendly and warm-welcoming.

Tasting wines and going for sulfur baths is also a part of this culture. A sole view of streets or local cuisines can give a deep insight into the country’s history to a third person. For Instance, some decades ago, puppet shows hit major popularity and gained maximum attention from every country of the world. But after some time, the fashion went out and puppet shows became obsolete in most of the regions.

However, in Georgia, puppet shows are still considered a great source of entertainment and they are used to present the historical values or folk tale of the state. Locals bring their children to give them an informative session of entertainment, however, outsiders also take a huge load of knowledge on their way back from this show. We can say that the culture of this country is one of the kind and it is the true element that captures everyone’s attention instantly.

Simultaneously, warmly greeting the foreigners, arranging local feasts, buying national candies and wearing national clothes, all are a part of this rich culture.

Tourism in Georgia:

In recent decades, the tourism of Georgia has increased significantly. It is also said to be the “Heart of Europe” It is naturally blessed with 12 different types of climate zones, along with 49 types of soil. This state is also one of the most ecologically diverse states in the world. Many rare animals such as leopards, lynxes, and bears are found in Georgia. can help you visit the magnificent places in the town.

The capital of the state, Tbilisi has a multitude of vacation spots for a perfect vacation or honeymoon for anyone. As it is located above thermal waters, there are a number of public as well as private bathhouses in the region. Other than bathing, the owners of these houses provide massages and scrubbing facilities too.

Moreover, the monumental statue of the mother of Georgia is also visited by a great number of tourists. It is situated on the top of Nabrakha hill, facing the opposite of Old Town. You can go up there by doing a hill-hike or by hiring a cable car for enjoying the birds-eye view of Georgia.

Unique Memontoes:

If you happen to visit Georgia, you will observe that there are a lot of choices for getting beautiful keepsakes for yourself or your loved ones. It includes jewelry, ceramic utensils, antiques for home-décor, traditional blue-clothes, Khinkali socks, and delicious candies. Different shops in the state sell these beautiful items to their shoppers at very fair prices.

However, antiques and jewelry can be found expensive but its because they are totally worth it. The designs and embellishments are done by hand. So, even a simple-looking item could have required months of hard work. If you look clearly, you will find symmetrical patterns in all designs.

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