Online Roulette For Beginners – Complete And In-Depth Guide

Roulette is a casino game found in land-based and casino online gambling sites worldwide. It was first conducted in the late 1700s in Paris and spread worldwide by the twentieth century. Nowadays, a casino is considered incomplete without at least one roulette table.

There are three ways to play the game: European, American, and French. Each has minor distinctions that every roulette player should be aware of. In addition, the world of online casino gambling platforms has also created a slew of different varieties, adding to the diversity and excitement of roulette.

Suppose you’re looking for instructions on how to play it online. Then you have found the proper article, especially if you were looking for a guide that would not take up too much of your time and allow you to start playing it right away.

Roulette’s Origins


In the 17th century, a French physicist and mathematician, Blaise Pascal, attempted to construct a perpetual motion machine. Even after his unsuccessful efforts, it was from this that the game was born.

Essentially, Pascal’s “little wheel” was taken in many variations, with various countries adopting diverse game types. For example, a wheel featuring numbers 1-28, a double zero, a single zero, and an American Eagle provided the house with a more decisive edge in one such game, an early version of American roulette.

This American version game followed the inclusion of a single zero in the French version. This was done to increase the game’s profitability for casinos. However, the Americans introduced a double zero to their wheels when the game eventually made its way over the ocean due to its popularity in Monte Carlo casinos.

How Does Roulette Work?


Now that you’ve learned the game’s layout, it’s time to get down to business: playing roulette. You must place your chosen bets before the start of the round.

In a single round, you can make multiple bets. So you’ll be enhancing your chances of winning this way.

Playing chips are required whether in a land-based casino or on a casino online gambling platform. Because you can’t bet with cash at the table, you’ll have to exchange your cash for playing chips. The chips come in various colors and denominations, depending on the casino.

A dealer will be there irrespective of a physical casino or an online roulette game. The dealer spins the wheel and later drops the ball over it. The aim is to speculate where the ball will land and wager on that pocket number.

Simply put, roulette is an uncomplicated and straightforward game in which players use a variety of bets to place a wager where the ball will rest at the end of each spin.

The game is played along with a concave wheel separated into numbered pockets, as the name suggests. In this game, the dealer tosses a ball into a spinning wheel.

The ball falls in a pocket to select the winning bets as the wheel’s motion is lost. Although the ball can land only in one pocket, you can make various other predictions when putting your roulette wagers. Here are some examples of roulette wagers:

  • Place a wager on which wheel sector the ball will land on.
  • Place a wager on whether the winning number is odd or even.
  • Place a wager where the ball will rest, whether in the black, red, or green pocket.
  • Place a wager on whether the winning number will be on the scale’s high or low end.

The Rules Of Playing It Online: How To Bet?

Online roulette offers the possibility of betting on simple bets, such as a number, a color, an even or odd number, or combinations. Get your hands on this game at

Simple Bets

Also called outside bets consist of betting on a number; we then speak of “full,” on two consecutive numbers, “straddling,” or on a row of three or six neighboring numbers.

These bets are made by placing your chip in the way corresponding each time to your combination. Each bet has different odds for French, between 2.7 and 48.6.

The payout, if won, also varies for each type of bet. A straight bet has a payout of 35:1, for example, while a spin bet has a payout of 2:1.

Combinations Of Online Roulette Winning

In this case, we speak of outside bets because they are made outside the table. These bets can be made on a vertical column, on a dozen consecutive numbers, on the high numbers, that is to say, from 19 to 36, or on the low numbers from 1 to 18.

Online Roulette Tricks To Win


Online roulette is a game whose outcome is random, but specific game tips and strategies can increase your chances of winning or limit your losses at this gambling game.

The Martingale

This strategy involves betting double the previous bet each time you lose. By persisting until you win, you are guaranteed to recoup your lost bets and even win.

The Red And Black Method

This method offers the best chance of winning since betting on red or black; you have a one-in-two chance of winning. With its high odds, however, this strategy has a low payout ratio of 1 to 1.

The Dozens Roulette Trick

This technique consists of betting on a dozen numbers. There are three: from 1 to 12, from 13 to 24, and from 25 to 36. By betting on a dozen, you have a one-in-three chance of winning; by betting on two dozen, you have a two-in-three chance, which is not negligible. This bet has odds of 32.4% on European and French roulette and a payout ratio of 2 to 1.


If you’re in an actual casino or playing live-dealer roulette, there will be a dealer there. The dealer spins the wheel and later throws the ball over it. The goal is to guess where the ball will rest and place a bet on that number.

The online game is a simple game to play. You can try it here,

Your best bets would be on even-money bets like high/low or red/black as a newbie. Despite their relatively low payoff, these have the most excellent chance of winning.

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