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Online Master of Information Technology Management Degrees

If your career is in information technology (IT) and you want to upgrade your skills and qualifications, an online master’s degree is a popular option. You can gain technical and management proficiencies to take on new and different professional IT roles.

Online Study Opportunities

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Many universities and colleges offer 100% online information technology programs. These are available no matter your location. You can even think about taking up such programs along with your current job.

Having a master’s degree in IT or IT management expands your breadth of skills and career opportunities. By getting one online, you have a maximum choice over which subjects you study.

When you opt for online study, you get to manage your time effectively. There will be recorded classes that you can browse through once you are free. This way, you will never have to worry about missing critical lectures.

Online programs are designed for working professionals, who usually make up the majority of the class. Courses are typically taken part-time while students work full-time. The ability to study throughout the year means you can finish a program quite quickly even as a part-time student.

Top Master of Information Technology Programs

To give you an idea of the sorts of programs available, let’s look at the top postgraduate IT programs available in Australia. You can click here to know about each of them in detail.

1. Monash Graduate Diploma in Data Science

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Duration: 1.4 years, part-time

Qualification: Graduate Diploma in Data Science

The first course that we have on our list is the Monash University Graduate Diploma in Data Science. This course will help you become proficient in the field of big data. With the 360-degree knowledge about big data and what’s happening in information collection and handling, this online program consists of eight units.

Each unit will be taught one at a time, and per unit, you will be spending six weeks of part-time study. The subjects included are visualization and data, data curation, pattern recognition, and more.

It would be best if you had a graduate degree in information technology or mathematics to apply for this course.

2. CSU Master of Information Technology

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Duration: 2 years, online course

Qualification: A relevant degree plus three years of relevant experience / three years of professional IT-related work experience.

The Master of Information Technology offered by CSU offers an online degree that goes for two years. The specializations that are available are IT management, business analysis, computer networking, software design and development, network security, systems analysis. You can choose from 1 or 2 majors, or else go for a general program. This is one of the most extensive online courses in Australia.

Top Master of IT Management Courses

Another IT-related course that you can go for is a Masters in IT Management. The study stream is similar to an MBA; that is, a Master of Business Administration. The only difference is you get an additional information technology major.

These management courses are not designed to enhance your IT skills, that you already have, but to make you competent when it comes to management. Study areas may include supervising, leadership roles, and directing.

This program prepares you to strengthen your management communication, along with your business skills. Here are some of the types of courses and universities that you can look out for.

1. Deakin University Master of IT Leadership

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Duration: From 1 year part-time

Entry qualification: A Bachelor degree and at least five years of relevant work experience

If you are looking for an innovative IT management course, you can consider Deakin University’s Master of IT Leadership. The course is 100% online and will allow you to recognize your formal skillsets. The course is affordable, letting you demonstrate your capabilities along with representing your skills by building a practice-based learning experience. This way, you will learn to become a better leader.

This model is great for professionals because it will allow you to grow in the workplace. You can take admission in this program while you work and certify your skills. If you are a fast learner, you can complete it within 12 months.

2. Southern Cross University Master of IT Management

Duration: 2 years, part-time

Entry qualification: A three-year bachelor degree specializing in or majoring in information technology

The affordable and flexible IT Management program offered by Southern Cross University is an online program that can be completed within two years. The program will consist of 12 units. There be six core units, where you will get to study data management, emerging technology in business, information systems, analysis and design, and more.

This online master of IT Management will provide you with the requisite skill that you need to manage strategic objectives and also prepare you to handle senior management positions effectively.

3. University of Adelaide MBA (Information Technology)

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Duration: 2 years, part-time

Entry qualification: Undergraduate bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) and a minimum of 2 years’ relevant work experience.

Learn from the top faculty members of the University of Adelaide in the best e-learning technology environment. Even if it is an online course, you get to avail all of the modern convenience. Benefit from quick 6-week teaching blocks and enjoy collaborative learning that is designed only for online students.

This is a 12-unit program that includes subjects such as leadership and influencing, entrepreneurial mindset, accounting, and financial management, managerial economics and innovative management. The flexible course allows you to start this degree with a 4-unit pathway course.

No matter what type of skills you want to enhance in the IT domain, these courses and universities will help you to do so. Online programs allow you to study on your terms and choose the perfect program for your career.

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