5 Raiding Tips and Mistakes to Avoid for Newbies In WoW

World of Warcraft is as simple and as complex at the same time. when it comes to raiding, even the most experienced gamers make mistakes. If you have a handbook at your disposal that would have been easier and help you avoid mistakes. Since that’s not possible and something of a similar sort is not available. If you have been looking for something similar, this is the right spot for you.

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However, the tough raids act as impediments in the route of gaming excellence and final victory. As these raids are ever-evolving in nature, it can be overwhelming and demotivate you to continue the game. but taking note of some of the common and biggest mistakes allows you to cross these impediments and avoid them altogether. This guide is, therefore, the right path for the world of warcraft fans.

Things to avoid during raiding in World of Warcraft

1. Don’t waste your time

Unnecessarily wasting the time is the most common and biggest mistake often committed by people during raids. Unplanned approaches, going blind, and getting confused all lead to wasting your precious time. Unlike other similar games, raids are one important aspect to level up in the game. so you cannot afford to ignore, delay, or be blind to these raids.

Hence, remember to be careful throughout your entire game and take calculated risks and go according to your strategy.

2. Communication

Communication is often deemed as an additional feature that people often forget about or ignore altogether. It is a bad practice and often hurts your entire game plan. That is why gamers and newbies should always pay heed to every aspect and feature.

Be clear and straightforward in your communication to avoid any kind of miscommunication. Sometimes, miscommunication may lead to you making some silly mistake in your raid and losing the entire ride altogether.

3. Clicking


If there is one behavior that decides the entire pace of your game, that is your clicking. As much as it seems pretty absurd, it actually is not because if you are bad at your clicking speed, it lets everyone you are a noob and the last thing you would want to do is get cheated or overtaken by experienced players.

However, you don’t have to be sad about it because it can be improved with practice. Everything, in the beginning, is difficult for everyone. That is why it is important to practice and you will succeed over the period of time.

4. Do not sell away your commodities

People often sell away important commodities in their bags, knowingly or unknowingly because especially newbies are the least aware of the benefits it can have. For example, you may sell off spider legs or raptor eggs but what if you need the same items in the later part of your raid. That is why do not be so quick and ignorant to the items in your bag.

This doesn’t mean you cannot sell your items in the bag and make money out of it. Just remember that you need to be careful, thoughtful, and mindful while doing so. Sell anything only if you have multiple of those items or similar items. Always have enough in your bag and do not sell just because your bag is full.

5. Experience boosts


You must have seen newbies and even experienced gamers using the experience boosts aggressively. To mention, this is another blunder mistake anyone could ever commit in the game. always be wise in your game in all instances.

Do not hesitate to fight it alone without any boosters or something like that. Not using boosters doesn’t mean failing but you will emerge even more powerful as you face more and more challenging situations in the game. hence, be wise with all your boosts.

If you use one or more of them now, you may have to regret your decision later because it can cause an issue. If you really need the booster in more tough situations, what are you going to do? So always hold your boosters dearly. Never use them unnecessarily, aggressively, and hastily.

Boosters are, first of all, rare. You get not even a handful of them. if you keep on using them hastily without thinking and much thought, you will be at a disadvantage as compared to your counterparts in the game. you will be left behind and face failure in the end.


Almost every player was once a new player, newbie, and a beginner with no idea about the game and especially raids. As the game introduces new developments and upgrades every day, it becomes more and more difficult each day to overcome the obstacles and reign the raids in the game.

World of Warcraft has been around for quite some time now. almost millions of players log in to the game each day. However, not all of them are perfect with the raids despite being acquainted with the game plan. That’s how tough and complicated these games are. Hence, you should be able to understand what it takes to master this game. this guide and tips and mistakes mentioned above might help you to some extent but you need to be still careful when it comes to winning the raids.

It is difficult to keep up with the game updates, especially for beginners and newbies. Even experienced gamers find it troublesome sometimes, but do you have any other option? keeps you updated with all gaming updates, provides affordable in-game boosts, and whatnot.

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