Top 10 Natural Hair Trends in 2024

Natural hair is taking the world by a storm. The natural, shiny weave looks far better than chemically-treated hair. The best thing about natural hair movement is that it relies on a natural, healthy way of hair care. If you are new to this movement and to make it right, get some facts on

Now, sit tight and learn more about natural hair trends for 2024.

Natural is Healthy

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The primary thing about going natural is that natural hair is healthy. When you want to transition to natural hair, you have to deal with porosity.

Also, stay away from chemical treatments such as coloring and perming. The additional effort includes using exclusively organic products and raw ingredients.

However, the most important of the natural hair philosophy is that you keep doing it for years to come. While a lot of women try going natural and experience the benefits, the trick is to keep doing it.

Luckily, nature is here to help you keep focus.

Battle High Porosity

Porosity is a topic and a thing you are going to deal with a lot. Hair porosity is a measurement of your hair’s moisture. There are three levels of porosity: low, medium, and high. You have to lower your porosity for hair to be natural and healthy.

Porosity is an excellent indicator of how natural your hair is and what products you need to keep its proper state. The positive thing about porosity is that natural hair is trending, and women are sharing tips and tricks on how to lower it. You can find more about this on Kiierr.

Once you do, the results are going to be easy to notice.

Embracing the Natural Hue

Being natural is about denouncing coloring and chemical treatments, and embracing your natural color. Coloring allowed you to pick your hair color, while natural hair is all about enhancing your natural charm.

When you use organic products and take care of your hair properly, your hair gets shinier, has more volume, and it becomes thicker.

So, while you remain unable to change its color, you are going to enjoy your new allure. After all, women have different gradients of primary hair colors.

It is going to take a while before you uncover your real look.

Going Natural is a Process

The primary reason why the natural hair community exists is to guide you through the process of going natural. Going natural takes a lot more than applying a moisturizer and shampoo for two months.

You have to apply treatments even for years before your hair gets natural. So, take time to get to know products, methods, and tips about natural hair.

The positive thing is that you are going to notice your progress exponentially. That is if you can avoid old habits.

Less Chemical Treatments

The hardest part of doing anything is changing your habits. Women develop whole habits when they are coloring their hair, and some even do it monthly.

You have to avoid it, and avoid chemical treatments at all costs. Chemical treatments increase porosity. Also, they are destructive as they increase shedding, reduce thickness, and weaken the follicle.

But, as there are products to weaken the hair, there are products to improve hair.

Organic Products

When you start natural hair treatment, you have to learn a lot about organic products. Organic products are products that use only natural ingredients. The primary goal of organic products is for users to experience the benefits of healthy ingredients.

Today, there are different brand products you can purchase. Also, there are products for specific hair types and levels of porosity.

However, the best thing about organic products is that you can combine them with raw ingredients to get even better results.

Oils and Butter

If you dislike using products, you can use raw ingredients like oils and butter. Oils and butter are so amazing since you can use them daily. Unlike butter and oil, you can use organic products like moisturizers and shampoos once per week.

Oils such as jojoba and coconut oils you can use almost daily. You can put them on your hair after a shower or on other occasions.

You are also free to research, try the mixture of ingredients, and see what works for you. Even when you have a routine, you can improve it with raw ingredients.

Haircare Journals

Natural hair is a movement for a reason. You can document your journey and share it with other women. Haircare journals are a great way to track your progress. And, later on, you can help other women with their treatment.

You can track their progress, learn from their journey, and share your experience. The journals are a goldmine of advice that can help you uncover a lot of knowledge.

Finally, it can help you to reach out and help other women feel great about their bodies and looks.
Empowerment and Body Positivity

Natural hair is all about encouraging a natural look. Society shames women for how their bodies look and feel – It’s time to reclaim the sense of beauty.

Enjoy your curls. Take pride in your wavy hair. Love its color, savor its shine. Touch the thick weave.

Enjoy the body you have because there isn’t a spare lying around. Instead of trying to facilitate an entirely new look – Return to your origin.

Styling Natural Hair

And, you can do it with these hairstyles:

  • Geometric curly cuts
  • Textured bangs
  • Micro Locs
  • Embellished braids
  • Buzzcut
  • Wet Wash N goes
  • Adorned puffs
  • Dip-dyed ends

These hairstyles are currently trending in the community. By now, you have everything you need to hit 20021 with natural hair.

Take Care of Your Hair

Going natural is one of the most complicated choices you have to make. But, once you do it, you are going to discover the new you. This new you is fragrant, tangible, and beautiful. Let out what was inside and natural. Be that girl.

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