Summer wedding hairstyles for every bride

Hairstyles for the wedding are one of the biggest dilemmas of the future bride after the wedding dress (of course, there are appearance dilemmas!). Then how to choose the best hairstyle for your wedding?

If we find it difficult to decide on something specific, let’s try out a few variants. Let’s make an appointment with your hairdresser sometime before the wedding and see which option works best against other ideas. Don’t just use your own feelings as the basis for these tests – let’s also ask a few trusted people for their opinion. Their objective evaluations will help you choose the best hairstyle.

You can also use the hairstyle catalogues available in hairdressing salons and the internet – here you’ll find lots of inspiration not only for the hair updo itself but also for the decorations you can use.

An important rule of thumb: if your outfit is very ornate, opt for a more subtle hairstyle. On the other hand, if the dress is modest, you can go a little crazier with your hairstyle. It’s also a good idea to make an appointment for a pre-wedding haircut trial to see if your choice fits your imagination and if you’re comfortable and pretty with this hairstyle.

Hairstyles for a wedding – what’s trendy now?

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What are the most fashionable  wedding hairstyles for the bride and groom now? For a few seasons now, low updos have been a popular trend, making the hairstyle look more casual. Add to this a variety of accessories – jewellery items, flowers, ribbons, etc. It is worth remembering that the colour of the accessories should match the colour of your hair and dress.

For ladies who prefer elegance, the best solution is classic waves, which we comb out to the side. Fancy braids and other sophisticated up-dos with a variety of accessories are also becoming more and more popular.

Hairstyles for the wedding. Remember that.

Before choosing a hairstyle for your wedding, make sure that your choice fits the shape of your face. If you’re a bride, test your choice of hairstyles and rate the one you look best in.

Remember the golden rule: a dress is a modest haircut. And vice versa. A few weeks before the event, you should objectively assess the look and condition of your hair.

Think about whether or not you need treatment. A holiday wedding haircut can be very impressive. But if you want to have long, thick and lush hair, use hair extensions. You can choose anything from Human Hair Extensions or Hair Weave Extensions or can you can find Nano Hair Extensions from Viola Hair Extensions.

Hair colour

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Maybe not all brides realize that their wedding hairstyle is completely different for blonde and dark hair. That’s why it’s often the case that when dreams come true, the bride doesn’t look stunningly beautiful in the hairstyle she wants. Look for a hair colour that’s closer to yours. But sometimes colouring is ideal.

Wedding party style

Looking for inspiration it is also worth taking into account the style of the wedding reception. A different haircut will go well with a glamour party and a completely different one with a rustic style.

7 tips to create the perfect hairstyle

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Remember, everything has to work together. Both the dress, makeup and hairstyle should be from the same fairy tale.
Don’t just follow the trends. More important than what you see on a computer screen or in a catalogue is what you see in the mirror. Not everyone fits a garland, rich decorations or other unusual headgear. Remember, however, that if you decide on a veil or other ornaments, these decisions will determine the choice of hairstyle.

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If you’re planning on dancing a lot, don’t decide on the first haircut that catches your eye. The ones you see in the catalogues only have to last a few dozen minutes of a photoshoot, and not all of them will work.
A lot depends on your height too. If you’re tall, don’t exaggerate with high updos, which in turn can add a few centimetres and make your figure slimmer for low people.

Talk to your hairdresser before you try it out. He will tell you which hairstyle fits your face shape best and what better to avoid. If you want to change your hairstyle drastically before the wedding, for example, to cut your hair very short or to create a fringe that you haven’t had before, don’t do it the day or even the week before the wedding. This doesn’t give you much of a chance to cover up your bad decision. Make a trial haircut before the wedding. This will reduce the stress level on the day of the ceremony.


The wedding hairstyle with cosyjewelry should also be adjusted to the season. In the summer, you’ll be more comfortable and cooler with curly hair and in the autumn, it’s better to give up curls – moisture in the air, rain and wind won’t serve them!
Make sure your hairstyle lasts all night. Sometimes the ideas of this dream hairstyle, confronted with your hair and the nature of the party, force you to change your mind. It’s also good to know that not every hairstyle will fit a particular hair type. It’s also good to know if it’s “falling apart”. Some hairstyles have too many strands, which looks clumsy. So go to a party with your test hairstyle! This will be a great test for her.

The last and most important thing is that you must feel good and enjoy yourself. Take advice from experts and friends, but have your say. If you don’t feel comfortable with something, don’t decide to do it.

Avoid it!
And look at some hairstyles, which I definitely… I don’t recommend it! Lots of hairsprays, backcombing, glittering – remember that often less is more!

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