10 Myths About Pornography That Many Adults Still Believe

Sex. A word that can get everyone’s attention so easily. It has been talked about in different cultures, religions, as well as social behavior & development books. Many adults nowadays are quite misinformed about sex in itself, and loads of people don’t know what is wrong and what is right when it comes to it. These old wives’ tales are getting quite under control, which is why we’re here to put an end to them all. Keep on reading and understand what are some myths when it comes to pornography in particular.

1. Masturbating when in a relationship is an indicator of a poor relationship


Let’s be honest – we all masturbate. However, how many of you masturbate while dating? Guys tend to think that if a girl masturbates that he is not satisfying her and her needs. Girls, on the other hand, don’t care at all about guys playing around. Masturbation is healthy, helps with tension, makes people relax & gets rid of bad toxins – why avoid it? Your solo session can help you relax when having fun with your partner, as well as climax with ease.

2. Vagina = Vulva

Many people believe that vagina is the same thing as a vulva. The thing is, your external genitalia is called the vulva, and your inside is the vagina, or the vaginal canal. A lot of men tend to make a mistake when it comes to this part of a woman’s body. The next time that you’re having a dialog or discussing different body parts know which is which, and come prepared! Show how much you value all the parts of your lady, she will appreciate it as well.

3. Clitoris is just one little dot

Believe when we say that there’s more to the clit than meets the eye. You only see the glans part of the clit that is on the outsides. However, the truth is ”bigger” than it seems. It is because it extends back into the labia and abdomen. For some women, it is even up to five inches big! Five inches is the average size of a penis by the way, just for your reference.

4. Actual sex is the same as presented in porn


Many young people believe that their first sexual experience is going to be just like it is in porn. Hairless bodies, constant female orgasms, as well as large penises – is this what you expect? Heads up, since you’re more than likely going to run into loads of different inconsistencies. In fact, kids & teens grow up thinking that they have to perform as well as the actors in these movies, which is only setting the bars high.

5. Guys don’t go down on women

This is something that we don’t get to see too often on our phones and in adult movies, and this is mainly because the porn industry is mainly man-based. This just means that there is not a huge demand or need for this type of content. However & in real life, this experience can vary when it comes to cunnilingus. It is an intimate experience that can get both partners aroused, but some men are just not good at doing it, which is why they would rather skip indulging in it, hence the myth of them not liking it.

6. Women don’t have to cum, it is more so about the guy

The orgasm gap is alarming. Statistically speaking, guys are going to cum in 95% of situations during their first intercourse with a new partner. For women, the chance of this happening is at 60%, or lower. All women want to orgasm, but they have a harder time achieving it due to lack of foreplay, or improper clitoral stimulation. If nothing, women value their sexual pleasure and their body-shaking experiences way more than guys do.

7. Guys who fantasize about anal sex are gay


People who love to think about anal sex can be of any sexual orientation. Having a preference and trying it out once or twice does not make you gay. The stigma and the whole story about this experience have made society think that it is poor behavior. However & at the end of the day, the way you identify and what feels good for your body are two different things.

8. Watching porn can cause erectile dysfunction

Guys will always masturbate, and they have been doing it throughout the years. However, no actual study has shown that porn can lead to any type of emotional, physical, or erectile dysfunctions. Anxiety and high levels of stress could lead to this issue, so heads up in these departments.

9. Women always bleed after their first time

While some women do bleed during their first intercourse, this does not apply to all of them. The bleeding might happen due to your hymen breaking, but it doesn’t have to be during sex. This can also happen when you’re physically active, riding a bike, a horse, or when running. You can even break it when wearing tampons.

10. You can’t get pregnant with the pull out method


Lastly, you should know that a pull-out method is not trustworthy, safe, or recommended. Chances of you not getting pregnant can vary, but using a condom is still the best go-to solution. Statistically speaking, 4-10% of women can get pregnant with precum, so heads up before you indulge in this experience.

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