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5 Myths about Aircon Servicing Debunked

To begin with, everybody knows that the key to maintaining any home or office appliance is to have it regularly serviced and repaired on time. Air conditioning systems are no different. However, to some, it’s very difficult to spend even a single day without using their aircon. Moreover, there are various myths about air conditioners circulating the Internet that makes people shy away from regular aircon servicing.

Unfortunately, most of them are not only wrong but also misleading. In reality, regular maintenance and proper care are essential for your AC as they benefit its optimal efficiency, lifetime and health as well. For this reason, we’ve debunked 5 myths about aircon servicing that will help you decide what to do without being biased.

Myth 1: If your aircon is running, it doesn’t require any servicing

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First and foremost, not taking care of your aircon in advance just because it works is the worst thing to do. Usually, most people forget or neglect the fact that their air conditioner requires regular maintenance. Often, such cases result in breakdowns or faulty parts.

Reality: Regular maintenance and timely repairs will ensure that your aircon works efficiently

In fact, scheduling regular maintenance checks and cleaning will ensure that your air conditioner is at peak performance. When all parts function properly, the unit’s overall efficiency will be at its peak. Moreover, clean and new filters, coils and other parts will preserve your health.

Myth 2: The location of your aircon doesn’t really matter

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Secondly, some homeowners believe that location doesn’t matter that much or even at all. They are misled into the belief that ACs will work wherever you mount them. Another mistake is that some prefer the DIY method when installing their units which often leads to malfunctions and problems with the entire system.

Reality: The location is very important and therefore should be chosen by a professional

On the contrary, the proper installment of your aircon is vital to your unit’s lifespan. If not mounted the right way, your air conditioning system’s longevity can be greatly reduced. For this reason, the best advice is to always leave this to HV/AC professionals who can decide where to place your unit. After all, their job is to mount your system so as to ensure it consumes the least energy.

Myth 3: The capacity of the aircon depends on the size of the room

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Another misleading understanding is that air conditioners should be chosen only according to the capacity of the room in which they are going to be mounted in. Of course, this may be one of the main factors to take into consideration, but surely not the only one.

Reality: There are more than one factors that should be taken into consideration

To debunk this myth, there are a lot more things to be considered, such as the height of the room, the furniture in it, the placement of other appliances and etc. Sometimes, choosing the best aircon for your home or office is not as easy as you may think and therefore it’s best that you leave the job to professionals. They can consider all factors and give you the best options for your needs.

Myth 4: There’s no need to change any air filters

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Cleaning the air filters is one of the main steps to maintaining your aircon. However, some people neglect the need for regular air filter cleaning. Most people think they can continue using their aircon unit without having to change the filters routinely. Moreover, they are dubious towards professional aircon service companies.

Reality: Every air conditioner requires proper and regular maintenance

Popular to contrary belief, every air conditioner requires proper and regular maintenance. With air filters, cleaning should be done once every month or two while replacement should be done at least once every 6 to 12 months a year. The reason is pretty obvious – dirty filters affect the overall performance. They also obstruct the fresh air flow and also put pressure on the compressor. If you care for your system properly, you’ll certainly extend your aircon’s lifespan by a few years.

Myth 5: Using a fan will speed up the cooling process

Last but not least, according to another myth, if you want to speed up the cooling process, then you should use a fan. This may confuse you a lot since the AC itself has a fan which is used to circulate the air within the room.

Reality: You shouldn’t operate fans if your AC is on

Actually, the only thing an additional fan will do is to increase your energy bills. What the additional fan will do is to interrupt the airflow and possibly cause damage to your AC. Moreover, if you want to enjoy the service of your air conditioner, the only thing you should do is take good care of it. Also, you should make sure that you keep your aircon unit clean in order to keep it at peak performance. A good idea is to let your aircon rest by switching it off instead of keeping it on all the time.

Final Thoughts

All in all, these are just some of the myths about aircon servicing that had to be debunked. Maintaining your home appliances isn’t something you should shy away from and taking proper care of your air conditioning system is imperative, especially if you’re better off saving money on bills and repairs.

Since you’re now familiar with some of the most popular myths and the facts about them, it’s vital for your aircon that you contact a professional HV/AC company to service your unit regularly. To satisfy the clients’ needs, LK Brothers offers quality aircon servicing and maintenance services. There, you can easily find the right experts that will ensure your air conditioner works effortlessly and without any problems. A company like that could be your reference for what you should seek in your area.

Since you are now familiar with the myths and facts about air-condition service in Singapore, it is essential that you frequently contact your unit to enhance its general efficiency and durability. Find the right air-conditions Service Company to ensure that the best care and attention is given to your unit.

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