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Mykonos Villas For Rental in 2024

Mykonos is the most popular tourist and party destination from all the islands in Greece. It is famous for its amazing beaches, villas, its never-ending party atmosphere, and its diverse nightlife. You can choose to eat delicious local food, see an epic sunrise, however, you can also choose to stay in a luxurious dwelling.

If you are thinking about spending your vacation on Mykonos, you are probably a little bit overwhelmed by the number of accommodation options you can choose from. However, fear not, the article below can help you by featuring some of the top luxury villas you can choose to stay in. Let’s take a closer look at the list:

1. “Honde”

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This breathtaking home has 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, which means that it is suitable for 8 guests. Its location is unique since it is situated on a rocky hill above the incredibly beautiful Super Paradise beach. Once there, you can focus entirely on relaxing your mind and body while sunbathing next to an incredible infinity pool.

There is also a traditional stone lounge, with two pergolas that will provide shade during the hot summer days, and it is fully equipped with a bar and a barbecue that will make you stay even more luxurious and enjoyable. Basically, it is designed to give you a vacation under the sun, one that you will always remember.

2. “Leonardo”

Right next to Mykonos town, you can find a villa called Leonardo. This incredible building can accommodate 16 people and it is one of the finest houses that you can find on the entire island. It is one of the most desirable locations since it is only 5 minutes away from town, the views or the new and old ports are incredible, and you can enjoy the sunrise or sunset from the amazing lounge area.

Some of the things that this location offers are an amazing infinity pool, air conditioning, a gym, an outdoor barbecue area, and daily maid services, which will make your entire stay on the island more comfortable and enjoyable. The infinity pool located in front of the house will be the perfect place for relaxing for both you and your travel companions.

3. “Kyril”

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If you want to stay in a house that is more traditional, you should opt for villa Kyril. It is the perfect combination of tradition and luxury, hence, you can have the best of both worlds while staying in this house that can easily accommodate fourteen people. It also has a Jacuzzi, a private pool, and air conditioning – which is quite important for cooling down after a long day in town.

If you are planning a party, private gathering, a wedding reception, or a romantic date, you can opt for the chef services, which means that you won’t have to cook at all once on the island. It is only 10 minutes away from Mykonos town, which means that you can easily get to town for a nice evening out.

4. “Oleandri”

This luxurious home is located just above Elia Beach, which means that you can see some mesmerizing and stunning sights over the beach once the sun starts setting. This villa can accommodate 10 guests, which makes it perfect for a family gathering or a vacation with your closest friends.

Some of the things offered by the owners of the villa include housekeeping services, airport transfer, a babysitter, spa services, and a chef. It also features a swimming pool that is close to a lounge area, hence, it is perfect for poolside parties or some quiet relaxing time.

5. “Aphrodite”

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If you are looking for more privacy, villa Aphrodite can give you that – and much more with its perfectly blended Greek architecture with modern details and features. The heart of the estate is the pools and the decking area, and it is completely “hidden”, meaning that you will have all the privacy you need.

The interior has various aspects of traditional Greek architecture, however, it features modern tech that is well-hidden, meaning that you will not lose that sense of traditional once there. It also comes with private parking and a gym, as well as an alarm system that will keep you safe.

6. “Mariana”

Now, if you are planning on traveling with 17 people, you should choose to stay in the largest houses on this list, Mariana. This house can accommodate 18 guests, and there are features that will make everything better, including air conditioning, a perfect dining and lounge area, a helipad, maid services, as well as private parking.

This house is often referred to as a masterpiece of luxury and you will have some of the most amazing sights that you will probably remember for the rest of your life. Everything will become easier by the concierge team that will be available to you at all times, meaning that you will love your stay in this villa. If you want to see more information about most of these homes, visit

7. “Simon”

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Villa Simon is going to take your breath away, especially if you stand on the infinity pool terrace! Imagine how beautiful and mesmerizing the sunsets and sunrises will be – all the vibrant, colorful mornings or evenings will definitely make you fall in love with the entire estate.

The terrace is large enough for bigger parties, and you can entertain your guests by preparing dinner parties at the BBQ and bar area. The interior feels homey and comfortable, and there are a lot of places inside the home that will make you feel relaxed. It is also decorated with fine art, so, if you are an art lover, you will definitely enjoy your stay here.


As you can see, there are various luxurious villas that you can choose from. And now that you know what villas you can stay in, you should not lose any more time. Instead, you should start thinking about how many rooms you need for your vacation, as well as what services and features do you want to have available when staying in one of these villas.

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