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Get Ready For Summer: Top 5 Greek Islands To Visit in 2024

The Greek islands are a synonym for a great vacation for people all around the world. It is probably because there are many of them, and yet they are very different. Therefore, tourists can find a place that will fulfill all their dreams of having a wonderful summer vacation.

Greece As An Ideal Vacation Spot

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Greece is a paradise for adventurers, gourmets, artists and anyone who likes to spend some quality time on a sunny beach. The beauty of this ancient land lures you to spend the hottest months of the year – right there. Greece is well-known for many things. Greek cuisine, wines, music, art, mythology, nature, affordable vacation options – these are just some of the reasons why this year you should pack your bags, hop on a car or plane and head to the romantic south.

How To Choose A Destination?

If you decide to spend your vacation in Greece, you will not go wrong. All you have to do is find a hotel or apartment, good company and head to one of the many Greek destinations. However, when we have to choose one, we often find ourselves in a dilemma.  It is not easy to decide on one of the hundreds of different tourist destinations in this Mediterranean country, and it is even harder to try to decide on one of the thousands of islands in Greece at your disposal.

What Are The Most Beautiful Islands In Greece?

We were thinking of helping you and trying to single out the 5 islands that will surely make your vacation a dream. Making such lists is not easy, so as island vacation enthusiasts, we tried to pull out our favorites. Mykonos Santorini and Crete are common tourist choices when it comes to traveling to one of the Greek islands. Although these are all certainly wonderful places, they are usually suggested as a good choice for holidays because they have become famous destinations thanks to the fact that they have longly been on the map of famous tourist destinations.

However, since Greece has a large number of islands, you can choose whatever you want. For the best recommendation and additional explanations about each destination, you should always reach out to those who know it best. provides you with all the information about popular destinations in Greece. This is the place that you can make your travel decision much easier and adapt your wishes and options in the best possible way.

1. Evia – A Miracle Of Nature

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This island, the second-largest in Greece, offers plenty of opportunities for tourists. It is a well-known archaeological site, where you can see ancient monuments that will be interesting to everyone, especially fans of history and ancient times. Despite numerous archaeological research, many mysteries such as “dragon houses” remain. These 12 huge buildings were built “by hand” without mortar and they still exist. Of course, don’t just stop there. Make sure you also visit Kerasia, a small mountain village on Evia.

Geological data says that there is an impressive and well-preserved natural fossil forest and a mammal fossil museum here. Take the ferry to the small island of Skiros, which is under the jurisdiction of Evia. You can see little ponies here, a species that lives only here. Children can ride them with the permission of their parents, or simply enjoy the sightseeing of natural beauties. A trip to Evia is not complete unless you are watching the waves. Sounds boring to you? It’s not like that! Due to the geological structure of the soil around Evia, the waves are such that watching them is an incredible sight and is considered a true miracle of nature.

2. Corfu – The Past And Present In One Place

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Corfu is one of the first islands on Greece’s tourist offer. It is said to be one of the greenest islands adorned with a truly cosmopolitan spirit. It is known for its beautiful sandy beaches on the west and gravelly beaches on the east coast. Due to its good climate, this place is rich in conifer forests, olive groves, tropical flowers, beautiful bays, turquoise seas, but history has left old fortresses, palaces, churches and more.

The architecture is reminiscent of small Italian cities and yet has many sights that make it an exclusively Greek place. It is an excellent choice for both family and youth travel and those who like to spend their holidays in different ways. Corfu has about 57 sandy beaches, the most popular being Paleokastritsa, 23 kilometers from the city.

One of the most popular places on the island is Agios Georgios. This is a small place in the southwest, some 35 km away from the city. It is surrounded by greenery and olive groves that make Corfu recognizable. The sandy beach of this town is awarded the blue flag and is considered one of the best and safest on the island.

3. Karpathos – Follow The Footsteps Of The Ancient Greeks

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Situated between Crete and Rhodes, Karpathos offers tourists a chance to experience true Greek history. Traditional clothes are still worn here in the villages and people live in traditional cube-shaped houses. The mountains are windy and the waves are big, so you can go to the beach for paragliding or some other water sport that will raise your adrenaline.

The best way to visit Karpathos is by hiking and walking. You can mingle with the beauties of this wonderful place in solitary walks or rent a tour guide who will tell you more about the folklore and tradition of this place and thus learn a lot from those who are well versed in it. There are even tours that include 8 days of organized walks all over the island. If you like, you can plan your hiking tour or go to another island that you want to visit for some reason.

4. Antipaxos – For Beach Lovers

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With less than 100 inhabitants, Antipaxos attracts tourists with its enchanting beaches. Whether sandy or rocky, large or hidden and sheltered, this island is practically one huge beach. At Antipaxos you will bathe in one of the cleanest and most beautiful coastal waters in the whole world. There are also houses and villas available here, so consider renting a room or house to enjoy.

This is usually a cost-effective choice, and you will be much more relaxed in the homey atmosphere. You will be able to cook using local delicacies, and will soon begin to feel like an island resident. You can also stay in nearby Paxos and take the daily trip by ferry. Besides enjoying the beaches, be sure to visit the wineries. At nearby Paxos, you can also order wines made at Antipaxos.

5. Thassos – Year-Round Fun

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Thassos is not just a place to go to enjoy the beach in the summer. This is a great place to go to at any time of the year and offers many activities to enjoy while on vacation. Being well known for cycling, you can take a bike and ride lightly in Thassos. For those who love challenges and adventures, there are special tours. There is also an option for mountain bike trails, which are specially designed for cycling, as well as well-trodden mountain roads that you can ride.

Those who do not go to Thasos for cycling are likely to enjoy other activities. You can go walking, hiking or horseback riding.

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