10 Must-Have Accessories Every Gamer Needs

Gaming is a fun way to destress yourself, and whether you are a professional gamer or are just starting out, certain accessories enhance the gaming experience. A gaming accessory is an add-on to the necessities.

Gadgets Pals recommends laptop gear you can use to start your gaming journey. However, to get the best out of it, the following accessories will help create an amazing gaming setup and improve your overall gaming performance.

1. Gaming Keyboard

While you can use an ordinary keyboard for gaming, keyboards made for gaming are optimized to increase speed and feedback during gaming. They also have the advantage of added comfort for gamers who spend hours in play. Some keyboards, such as the Razer Huntsman V2, come with optical sensors and backlighting you can customize to your liking.

When looking for a gaming keyboard, look for one built for longevity, especially if you plan to game a lot.

2. Gaming Mouse


A gaming mouse is crucial in ensuring you can perform at your maximum best. Some also come with backlighting with customizable colors. If you choose a wireless mouse, go for one that has an extended battery life.

Just like with a gaming keyboard, look for a mouse that can stand the test of time.

3. Gaming Headset

Whether you are playing alone or with others, a quality gaming headset is a must-have accessory. It helps focus the sound on yourself and avoids disturbing those around you with loud noises.

Most headsets come with a microphone for multiplayer games. Look for the noise canceling headphones that block out noises and help you focus on the game. The best gaming headphones should fit just right on your ears, cupping you well and with comfortable padding for long-term use. They also allow for wireless connection and surround sound.

While you’re at it, you can also add a headphone set or hanger for storing your headphone when it’s not in use. Some headphone stands are eco-friendly and come with an LED centerpiece which you can adjust using a remote control.

4. Gaming Desk


You can game anywhere using any desk. Nevertheless, if you plan to do this consistently, you will need a desk set-up for placing your gaming equipment. A gaming desk should also include ergonomic support. It should also be adjustable to support both standing and sitting.

The tabletop material also matters. Wood and natural bamboo are more durable than glass, which is prone to scratches. Moreover, some desks also come with extra features like RGB lighting, extra storage, cable management, and charging ports.

Choosing the right desk is not only for placing your equipment, but the wrong one can also affect your physical well-being.

5. Gaming Chair

A supportive chair is important for anyone who spends hours sitting down for extended periods. If you hope to prevent back pain and muscle cramps in your neck, a great gaming chair should provide ergonomic support. It should also be able to improve your posture and not affect it.

Different gaming chairs come with various features with reclining options, lumbar support, cooling foams, a massager, or an adjustable seat or headrest.

6. External Hard Drive


Games take up a lot of space, which you can easily run out of. An external hard drive is, therefore, a must. When getting a hard drive, sufficient space is key. The more space you have, the more you can store. You should also look for one compatible with all your devices. You should also look at the transfer speed or bandwidth and reliability.

7. Blue Light Glasses

Though blue light glasses have not been scientifically proven to work, some gamers swear by them. Extreme blue light exposure has several negative effects, such as digital eye strain, a disrupted sleep cycle, and headaches.

Blue light glasses or contact lenses are made to reduce the effects associated with staring at a screen for a long time, such as headaches, eye strain, and fatigue.

8. Speakers


Some gamers prefer speakers to headphones. Gaming speakers provide incredible sound that enhances your gaming experience. Some speakers come with RGB lighting, wireless connection, OLED controls with headphone toggle, or Bluetooth connections.

Both speakers and headphones are great for gaming, and nothing can stop you from having both if your pocket allows it.

9. Microphone

If you are a gamer who likes to live stream, you will benefit from having a good stand-alone gaming microphone. Though headphones come with amazing built-in microphones, a separate microphone is a great add-on. A gaming microphone offers professional, clear sound. You can find microphones that include an arm stand and a mounting clamp.

10. Joystick Grips


Alright, this may not be a must-have, but joystick grips are an amazing add-on to your gaming setup. They protect your controller from the wear and tear that comes with continuous gaming. Joystick grips do not cost much and come in different colors and designs.

In Summary

When looking for accessories, your choices should make your gaming experience better. You should also go for durable accessories that you won’t have to keep on replacing every other time.

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