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How Modern E-business Solves Problems with Long Approvals and Manual Reports

Any purchase requisition needs approval. It is an important, and therefore lengthy process since not every employee has such authority. But now, you have the opportunity to simplify your inner work. Regardless of the size of your company, with purchasing software, you can automate the order-confirm-pay process and customize it according to your needs. This program operates according to your algorithm with maximum precision and flexibility.

You don’t need to look for experienced employees, maintain a workplace for them, wait for personnel to complete the task. All you need is an automated or semi-automated program that does all tasks without ‘human mistakes’, stores all information in an easy-to-monitor database, and sends you notifications if needed.

Purchase approval

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The key element of the Procure-to-Pay process is approval. The purchasing software like Precoro, compiles a database of current purchase requests and shows the status of each of them. Thanks to its cloud-based software, you can set up precise routing, all the necessary notifications, and fast mobile approvals.

Such a streamlined system will not only create order in the company’s documentation but also significantly increase the speed and efficiency of your team. And you will be able to use your spare time to expand your business or try new marketing strategies. To know more about e-tool, visit this website. The developers of the program offer demo versions and different tariffs.


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We live in the digital era. For your business to pick up the right pace and bring results, the automation of internal processes is a must. The purchasing software will save your employees from time-consuming manual procedures and completely digitize your reporting.

The advantage of the mentioned programs is that they fully adapt to the needs of a particular company, and not vice versa. It means you can adapt the software to operate the way you need and to solve problems you are facing right now. Moreover, you can get a report on the status of each purchase and financial position at any time. It means you don’t need to sit in the office 24/7 and can operate the processes manually only when there is a need for your attention.

Automating the Procure-to-Pay process will give you up to 75% free time

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The main task of purchasing software is to free you from manual work and to enable you to use your time and financial resources more profitably. If it is important for you not to waste time on processes that can be easily automated, then cloud-based software will be your reliable assistant. Integration with Xero, Sage One, Oracle Netsuite, or Intuit Quickbooks will make accounting easier so your team can concentrate on more important things.
Just imagine that all that 75% of the time you are currently wasting on solving tasks with old-style methods you can use to try new start-ups, to check marketing strategies, to expand your business on new markets, and so on. That is the main advantage of e-tools and ‘smart’ optimization.

Why should I use up to date software?

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Automation and simplification of business processes is an important requirement of any modern commercial project. We are talking about all kinds of companies – online as well as offline. If something can be automated without loss of quality and task execution speed – then do it without a doubt.

It is strongly recommended to pay attention to modern e-tool solutions. Use specialized software to optimize your business processes, spend money on it, take your time to study the functionality, and this initiative will pay you off.

To add, you will be able to save probably on staff that is currently solving the mentioned non-automated tasks in manual mode.

In addition, functional software is believed to be a real opportunity to save time that you (or your employees) are currently wasting on old-style approaches. With a high probability you’d better spend that time on expanding your business or your personal needs, wouldn’t you?

Easy-to-use e-tool decreases the possibility of fatal errors, especially in those areas where any mistake leads to financial waste or reputational risks, We are talking about payment monitoring and confirmation, receiving of customers or suppliers orders, and, for sure, in accounting operations.

Finally, business process automation will make your business more competitive on the market, because you and your employees will spend less money and working time on performing operations.

Cloud e-tools is a new trend

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Any business, including online commerce start-ups, requires careful accounting of financial transactions – every purchase or payment must be accounted for, and the relevant data must be entered into appropriate documents or databases.

Various programs can be used to collect and store the mentioned information. Firstly, the well-known programs from MS. Let’s be honest, this is not the most efficient and rather outdated approach to solving problems. Usage Excel or similar software requires a lot of work-time and effort, requires skills and knowledge. That means you need to pay for experienced personnel or apply for outsourcing services. In addition, not all processes in the mentioned MS program can be monitored or automated.

Secondly, you can use massive downloaded programs developed to monitor and execute payment transactions, order requests, payment confirmations, and so on. However, these programs are too complex, too cumbersome, or either too expensive. One more problem is that they are usually installed on a particular PC and you can’t use them from everywhere you need them.

The third option is to use specialized programs with cloud technologies and clear functionality. They are available everywhere you can connect to the Internet, they are really easy-to-use and functional at the same time. Thus, we recommend you to learn more about cloud e-tools for online or offline commerce as well as to install demo or trial versions of the mentioned programs to check all the possibilities. Try the functional options and make your decision about the advantages and disadvantages of e-tools.

Keep up with the times and spend time on what interests you only. Leave the solution of all those routine tasks to smart programs and e-services.

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