Top 10 Mistakes New Players Make in Wow Shadowlands 2024

Although World of Warcraft is considered one of the most exciting and engaging games, it can be tough and daunting. As mentioned by the overwhelming majority of new players, it may be challenging to catch up with the experienced users, understand the content, and use certain promotion tools. Consequently, newbies make a lot of mistakes that prevent them from the desired quick success. However, the struggle is real, and it will take some time and effort to achieve the desired results and become the top player.

It is inevitable to admit that each one of us has been new to the game at some point. Therefore, we know the pitfalls and downsides of the gaming career launch. There is no need for the newcomers to battle experienced games to relish the game. Instead, they should focus on the advancement of their gaming skills, improving gameplay, and leveling their character. Fortunately, with the rapid development of the game, currently, people can take maximum benefit out of the advanced techniques and tools. Whether you strive to go through the ranks, boost the gameplay or become the top WoW player, you need to make an effort and avoid common mistakes most players make. Check out the top 10 issues that can prevent you from the desired success with

1. Clicking


This is the point that will not influence your skills but will surely affect the quality of your game. Clicking in the behavior will reveal your lack of experience, as you will be much slower and your reaction. Thus, you should be determined to learn using the keyboard for better healing, DPS level, and some other factors.

2. Ignoring mechanics

Have you already heard healers asking people to get out of the fire? It is one of the critical points that can predetermine your success in the game. Players who keep ignoring mechanics can make the encounter more challenging not only for themselves but also for other gamers. If you do not want to move to keep your DPS level, you should be ready to let your boss die slower.

3. Asking trade chat for help


Trade chat is an option newcomers frequently take advantage of. Nonetheless, in the overwhelming majority of instances, instead of helpful comments or advice, they get jokes and incorrect data. Do you want to avoid any types of insults and similar issues? Never ask trade chat for help, gold, or anything else. Instead, ask individual players for help, you cannot find the necessary information in Wowhead.

4. Vendoring valuable items

During the first few levels, you will obtain a lot of things in your bag. The use of some items will be obvious, while others may seem to be complete nonsense. However, there is no need to sell them, as they may be exceptionally valuable and important in the other stages of the game. Thus, if you do not want to sell something precious, you should keep it for a little longer.

5. Settling for a single specialization


Do you strive to enjoy every moment you spend playing WoW? With the impressive extensions and an unlimited number of beneficial features, players have got a chance to customize the game, selecting and deselecting specializations that can unlock corresponding abilities. Thus, it is indispensable for a new gamer to be flexible and reserved, selecting the specialization that seems to be the most advantageous. Focus on the specializations that will provide you with impressive healing specs, tanking, and similar ones.

6. Neglecting professions

If you go through all the levels from 1 to 50, you will get a complete understanding of the class and profession importance. Although some players underestimate the significance of professions, others use it to obtain specific skills and earn more gold. In some instances, professions motivate people to create, improve or pick items that can be used by other gamers. In other cases, they can help you create specific tools and equipment that will make your game simpler and more convenient.

7. Spending too much time earning gold


Once you investigate the specifications of the game, you will acknowledge that there are three currencies here, including bronze, silver, and gold. While the first two are a bit easier to get, the third one is really challenging. At this point, a considerable number of WoW players give up their attempts to earn gold and get disappointed in a game. Nonetheless, remember that you do everything right, and you should just be patient and determined to get an opportunity to start leveling faster and earn more gold within a specific time.

8. Using too much gold

Have you managed to earn some gold? Finally, you have an opportunity to keep your world going. Like everywhere, gold and money matter in the game, so the new player should deal with Quests to get some. At this point, it is critical to mention that a considerable number of newbies who earn some gold are tempted to use it right away. However, instead of buying essentials, they focus on impressive gear and items that will only make the character look better but will not contribute to its power, speed, or functionality.

9. Taking advantage of experience boost


Inexperienced gamers who have just created their character will have to go through all the stages up to the 50th to access the Shadowlands expansion. At this point, the player should discover all the available functions and features that will help to become a skilled player. At this point, a considerable number of newbies choose to skip the initial levels, use the character boost option, moving straight to the necessary level. While some users may benefit from such an opportunity, others seem to be completely unprepared for the challenge and not ready to accept it.

10. Taking too much time to level

People who encounter the game for the first time definitely need a chance to learn its specifications and offerings. Nonetheless, it is inevitable to emphasize that the true fun of WoW is hidden in the endgame. Therefore, one should make maximum effort to find easy and beneficial ways to reach the endgame, avoiding slow leveling. Zones, quests, and grinding should be the key concerns of the newcomers, as these are the basic aspects of the game that can draw you closer to the desired success.

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