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9 Mattress Maintenance Tips for Beginners – 2024 Guide

Everything revolves around sleep. If you have a good night’s sleep the next day, you will wake up energized and ready for the day. And when you have energy and are feeling fresh, you will be happier, relaxed, and do a better job.

And what’s one thing that is responsible for a good night’s sleep? It’s an excellent mattress.

Is it easy to find the perfect one? No! But once you do it – it will blow your mind. There’s just one little thing that you need to consider if you want your perfect mattress to last longer. You want to know how to maintain it properly.

Luckily for you, we are here to guide you and help you. If you decide to finish this article, you will know how to maintain your mattress so that it always stays fresh, clean, and like new – even if you are a beginner.

So, let’s begin.

1. Adequate Support

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When talking about maintenance, most people think about cleaning stuff, but support is the first thing you should think about. It’s critical for your mattress to be adequately supported by the right kind of support specially made for its type. It’s essential because you will prevent early aging and preserves its integrity. It’s best to consult with professionals, to check with the manufacturer or search online what’s best for your type. You should know that box springs are only used with spring mattresses, and if you have one made out of memory foam or some other material, you will need firmer support.

2. Always use a protector

It’s essential to use a protector, and it’s something that people often forget. And it’s also essential to use it immediately when you buy your mattress. With a protector, you will efficiently protect your mattress, and you will prolong its life. The best ones are waterproof ones that will keep it safe from any spills and protect it from dust and dirt. A protective barrier is also perfect because it will keep off mold and dust mites off the surface and skin oils and sweat.

3. Stop eating in bed

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If you often eat in bed, please stop if you want to have a mattress for many years. Yes, you have a protector, but small food crumbs can easily find their way to it. And with that come bacteria, dust mites, and all sorts of ugly things. Your health should be on top of your priority list, and to be healthy, you need a clean sleeping space.

4. Clean your bedsheets often

A lot of things happen in the bed, and because of that, you should be cleaning your bed sheets and blankets at least every two weeks. But ideally, you should be cleaning them every week. By cleaning them often, you are leading a healthy lifestyle, and you don’t have to worry about bacteria and all sorts of stuff. Also, it would help if you cleaned the mattress protector as often as the manufacturer suggests it.

5. Clean it the way it’s stated on the directions

You need to clean your mattress regularly if you want to keep it fresh and prolong its life. Depending on your type, the directions will guide you on how to clean it properly. Most manufacturer directions will be enough for you to know how to clean the mattress generally or how to remove a stain. But, if you have a right one, protection stains won’t even happen. But if they happen, most of them can be easily removed with just warm water and soap. And when it comes to dust, you should vacuum it frequently, every one to three months, with a hose attachment. Remember, basics are always the same, and for some specific cleaning tips, always consult with the manufacturer. And if you want to know more about certain manufacturers, go check out

6. You should rotate your mattress regularly

It doesn’t matter which type you own; every mattress should be rotated every two to six months. When you rotate it, you want to rotate it 180 degrees from head to foot. By doing this, you will help it wear evenly and avoid depressions on certain parts of it.

7. Get rid of nasty smells

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There’s a chance that your mattress starts smelling bad. Don’t worry, it’s normal, it’s due to sweating, body and hair oils, and all bunch of things. But even if it’s normal, it’s still unpleasant, and you want to get rid of that smell. The most effective way is, believe it or not, to just leave it out on your patio if you have one. Of course, the weather must be good, warm, and dry. Or if you don’t have a patio, you can place it near an open window so it can air, and if that doesn’t help, there’s always baking soda – the best thing to fight off a bad smell. Try sprinkling good old baking soda all over it and wait as long as you can. After a minimum of 24h vacuum the baking soda and then leave the mattress outside or near an open window. If you want it to smell super nice, you can spray a mixture of water and essential oil of choice, all over it.  This way, your mattress will be fresh and clean, and it will smell nice.

8. Don’t ever bend it

There are some new kinds of mattresses available on the market that will come folded to you, and that you can also fold easily. But every other mattress that’s not explicitly made to be folded or bend shouldn’t be. If you do that, you risk dislocating certain parts of the mattress, making it super uncomfortable or unusable.

9. Please don’t jump on it

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Yes, we’ve all seen in it the movies, and yes, it looks super fun. But don’t do it. Don’t jump on your mattress, don’t let your kids jump on it, please don’t. It can harm the structure of the mattress and shorten its life span.

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