How to Make Your Message for Valentine’s Cards Special

Starting your day with Valentine’s cards and breakfast in bed is the best way to start your day. Valentine’s cards can not be overemphasized nor are they overrated because they have a lot of usefulness and importance. Getting Valentine’s cards can be one of the best and worst things you can do for someone. This depends on the look, content, and presentation. The presentation of Valentine’s cards is not emphasized enough as you cannot just give the card at any opportunity you get.

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What to Do to Make Your Valentine’s Cards Special


To make Valentine’s cards special for that loved one, check out these few tips:

Make it all about your partner

In Valentine’s cards, the message is special when it is all about your partner. Let the message be appreciative, and pleasing, and write what you know your partner wants to hear. For example: “To the most stubborn person I know, you are goal-oriented, a pacesetter, your courage to do the unthinkable is astounding, your humility is amazing and the best part is you decided to pick me to be your partner. For that, I am forever grateful. Cheers to having a fine wine and getting to enjoy the taste. Happy Valentine’s day Mon Cheri.”

Use sweet language


If you feel that English alone cannot fully capture the intricacies of your romance, especially sweet, sexy and untouched romance, try using phrases and words in French, Spanish or Italian. These three languages are recognized as one of the most romantic languages in the world. Putting them in Valentine’s cards makes your partner see a thoughtful person because you went all the way to find a language to describe your partner. This is one of the fewest gestures that you can do. This does not mean that the entire message in Valentine’s cards should be in another language. A word or a sentence is enough.

Make your mark

Make sure it is clear that your Valentine’s cards are from you, especially if you are sending them by mail and cannot present them in person. You might not necessarily write your name but put your signature to make it special. One of the markers is to spray the card. If you are sending Valentine’s cards to your partner, you can spray them with the cologne or perfume they love so much. Or put a kiss mark in your favorite lipstick as the finishing touch. This not only makes the message special but the card itself is special.


Plan your presentation

Just presenting Valentine’s cards anyhow does not make it special, you must plan how the presentation is going to be and what you need to make sure it goes perfectly. You can plan to present at the beginning of the day or the end of the day. The presentation of Valentine’s cards goes well with the presentation of gifts. Valentine’s cards can also be used as proposal cards. Imagine going for dinner, she orders something and the waiter brings a covered plate. She opens the plate and in the middle sits pretty a Valentine’s card with a box beside it. This is a good presentation of Valentine’s cards and the gift.

You make messages in Valentine’s cards special when you put your best into everything that concerns the card.

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