7 Reasons to Make VPN a Business and Household Commonplace – 2024 Guide

More than device-centric security, the modernized usage of the internet readily beckons the need for anonymity. A few years back, persistent surfers were able to make peace with any impactful antivirus software, which more or less offered Firewalls, virus checks, and almost everything basic. However, with time, cyber-attackers whetted their skill sets, coercing individuals into adopting something on the lines of Virtual Private Networks to stay safe and secure, while surfing the web.

VPN: In a Nutshell

For the unversed, VPN services such as for example Tuxler VPN and many others, are strictly internet services targeted towards security and anonymity. While some might consider it to be a resource for shrouding the IP address, a VPN strives for more. Put simply, it allows you to connect to the web via a private network, the safety of which depends on the type of encryption, safety protocols, and budget.

Therefore, VPN is also a good way for safe access control, as you can explore applications, websites, and other tools without exposing the computing resources. In a layman’s language, every data set transmitted via the VPN is scrambled in an arbitrary manner. This means, even if the attackers find a way into the private network, the data seems to be meaningless as it would be encrypted.


However, VPNs have never been this popular. While they have had their select clientele in the past, individuals and companies have started using these resources almost frantically, in the post-pandemic era.

Here are 7 of the most important and pressing reasons for hailing VPNs above other internet security resources

1. Helps you Scale beyond Censorship

The websites you are allowed to access depends on how strict your ISP is regarding censorship. In most cases, it becomes difficult to access region-restricted content via usual avenues and this is where a VPN can come in handy. A majority of private networks, existent at workplaces, schools, and colleges are similarly restrictive in nature.

However, a good, paid VPN can help you connect to the restricted websites, which are otherwise blocked in the concerned locale. Therefore, if you are planning to bypass censorship in your quest for knowledge, a virtual private network should be your go-to resource.


2. Geo-restricted Access

Have you ever come across a website that you so want to visit but do not have access to, citing Country-specific reasons? If yes, you most certainly require a VPN to scale beyond these geo-restrictive limitations. Unlike ISP censorship, geo-restricted access to websites and specific content is put up by the country of origin. However, a VPN helps you mask the IP and allows you to access the geo-restricted resources by sending a request for the concerned, county-specific server.

3. Better Torrenting

Despite the internet being flood with media-centric resources, including VDOs, OTTs, and other IPTV services, downloading torrents is still a routine approach for certain individuals as suggested by While torrenting is a good way to access newly released or rare pieces of content, they are frowned upon by the ISPs, who end up throttling the usual internet speeds for good.


Besides, as torrents are dependent on seeders and leechers, they aren’t actually the safest file-sharing options. Moreover, certain countries also deem torrenting as illegal as it often gets embroiled with online piracy.

This is where a good VPN comes into the mix as it allows you to mask the identity by shrouding the IP address.

4. Better Shopping Experiences

Did you know that a VPN can help you score a better deal on a particular product? If not, you seriously need to read on. Firstly, there are many international websites that offer discounts to individuals based on their IP addresses and search histories. For instance, if you are looking at the product from a more developed country, the discounts are expected to be on the lower side.

While deal formation and projection take other factors into account, region-specific price modulations are pretty common.

However, you can access a powerful VPN and visit the websites from servers pertaining to the less-developed regions. Not just eCommerce websites, the concept holds even for airline tickets, and other service-based offerings.

5. Protection against Free Wi-Fi

Connecting to a public Wi-Fi network might be tempting but laden with risks. Moreover, if you are a corporate entity, accessing public Wi-Fi is a strict no-no. Then again, official emergencies hardly show up unannounced, making you dependent on free Wi-Fi resources for a certain period.


This is where a reliable VPN comes into the mix as it allows you to send across files, requests, and manage other online activities, without getting identified.

As VPNs create a secure tunnel for data flow, prying eyes will not gain much even if they infiltrate your private network.

Therefore, you can always put your faith in the likes of Nord and other credible VPN clients if your searches and surfing habits frequent public hotspots.

6. A breather from Constant Monitoring

Your online existence is nothing but monitored. While it might seem that you are accessing the internet anonymously, you are constantly being tracked by hackers, ISP, and even governing authorities. However, scaling beyond the 24×7, stealth surveillance is possible only if you have a VPN handy. As VPN redefines control access and allows you to access the internet without being monitored, it is advisable to invest in a top-rated and premium option.

7. Address Masking


In the digital arena, your address isn’t defined by your lane but the Internet Protocol details. This is why you automatically get information in the preferred language once you visit a particular website. While this enhances the user experience to a certain extent, there are instances when you do not want the IP address to be monitored.

This is when you should invest in a potent VPN as it would then mask your IP and offer an additional level of user anonymity.


VPNs are highly resourceful entities and staples when home-based and corporate setups are concerned. However, people still refrain from investing in a paid VPN client when they should immediately consider one, precisely for the following reasons. Not just that, if you are still not convinced that a VPN is what you need for your set of devices, you should read extensively about how it can safeguard your privacy, something that is virtually invaluable in the modern era.

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