How to Make the Greatest Comeback of Your Life

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, then you have had enough of being average. Today is the day when being mediocre is sickening to you, so it is time for the 2.0 version for you. The 2.0 version is the version of yourself that is committed to your goals – no matter what.

This version feels the fear but does it anyway. This is the version of yourself that attacks your goals relentlessly without procrastinating.

Here is how to build your 2.0 version and make the greatest comeback of your life.

Become Aware of the Present State

You will want to become aware of the current state of your life. You will have a time in your life when you will know what you need to do and which direction you want to go. You might think of it in terms of a light bulb flickering on.

However, right now, your light bulb might not have turned on yet. So, you will want to become aware of the current state that you are in. You will want to recognize what you are doing wrong and why the light bulb or any passions come to you yet.

You will want to become consciously aware of why you haven’t found your greatest skills. You will want to think about what you are doing wrong and what the current environment is where you are living. You will also want to become consciously aware of why you feel a certain way and with whom you are spending your time.

Once you have the ideas for all these questions, you will become aware of your current state, the habits you carry, and everything else with you.

Write Things Down

Get something to write on – it could be a piece of paper, an inline document, or a napkin. Once you have something to write, you will want to write down what your perfect self looks like. Where do you see yourself going? How would your perfect self-talk, and how would you act?

What would your perfect self wear and drive? Also, make a list of the people that you would hang out with. You will want to imagine what your perfect self would look like. Don’t hold back and write down anything – whatever you desire, whatever your passions are, and whatever you think your perfect self would be like and where your future would be.

Believe us when we tell you that the mere act of writing down everything is powerful enough to change your mindset. You will want to look at this as a mirror or as a portal that you might be looking through. To get to that portal and to get to that other person, you will have to actuallyactually to recognize how that person is.

Develop An Action Plan


Once you know what your perfect self looks like, you want to develop an action plan thinking about how to become that person. You will want to think about everything that you will have to do, the habits that you have to adopt, and the actions that you will have to incorporate.

For instance, if your ideal has the perfect weight, you will want to opt for a free gym trial before getting a gym membership. You get the point – you will need to understand the path that you will have to take down your lifeline to achieve and become that person.

If you were to use your imagination, you would want to recognize the person that you want to be. You will recognize the bad habits that you might need to replace, such as binge eating, gaming, and not having any passions.

You will want to understand what the best habits are for you to incorporate into your life at this time.

Take the Much-Needed Action

Now that you know what you need to do, you will need to take action. It is important to mention here that you are going to make mistakes, and you are going to fail as well. Setbacks are a normal part of getting closer to becoming that person that you really admire.

Instead of looking at the setbacks as massive failures, you will want to see them as lessons. You might want to get another piece of paper and write down each day, each week, or each month the potential mistakes that you have made during that time.

In the next month or week, you will want to try doing the exact opposite and do the right things as you will be learning from the mistakes. You will still have off days and potential setbacks; however, by then, you will know what to change and how to change things to excel and walk on the path of success.

You have to be disciplined as you will face challenges, but you will want to have it drilled in your mind that you want to become the perfect version of yourself.

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