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How To Maintain Your Car Engine – Tips and Tricks

The engine is the most important part of the car and its proper maintenance is essential for having a fully functional car. If you care for it well, its longevity will be prolonged as much as possible. Make sure you go to regular checkups, at least once a year, but there are also some things that you can check yourself. Learn the basics, so you can be safe on the road but also to prevent major repairs that will cost a lot of money.

Change the Oil Regularly

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The engine consists of rotating and moving parts. They need to be lubricated well in order to function as they should, no matter if it’s extremely hot or freezing outside. The more you drive the oil you have in your car degrades and it loses much of its quality. This results in the formation of carbon deposits on the inside parts of the engine. They later on spread through the entire engine which can start causing problems. The friction increases which accelerates the signs of damage. Semi-synthetic oils and synthetic oils are more resistant to high temperatures and consequently last longer. However, they also have their limits as well.

When you change the oil regularly and maintain the level of oil topped up, your engine will remain lubricated well and very clean outside. Some cars have warning lights that shows when the level of oil is low. This is perfect for drivers because it’s taken away from the worry and it helps to react in a timely manner. However, most cars don’t have it, so it is necessary to check it on your own from time to time. Some people ask if the warning light will come on when the level of oil is too low. Sometimes, when the level reaches a critical level, it may cause issues.

Maintain the oil at the recommended level. Some car manufacturers say that checking the level of oil should be done on regular bases, while others say it’s necessary to check it when you refuel your car. Even though this may sound too frequent, checking it will take only a minute of your time but can save you a lot of trouble along the way. If you’ve noticed that your oil leaks somewhere, then you must keep a close eye on it because your oil will run out faster. Some cars are very oil efficient, so if you are one of the lucky ones, then you can relax and check it from time to time.

Change Spark Plugs

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Manufacturers usually recommend changing plugs after 50,000 kilometers on average to ensure that your engine performance will be on the highest level. New cars sometimes come with double platinum plugs, otherwise known as long-life plugs and they can last up to 160,000 km. Also, make sure to have someone change the spark plug wires. They usually last about 80,000 kilometers. If you need new spark plugs, we suggest you visit sites like

Check the Hood

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Every few months, check the situation under the hood and the state the hoses are in to avoid having trouble on the road. The easiest way to check if the hoses are in good condition is to make sure to squeeze them when your car is completely cool. If they feel too hard or make sounds, you should definitely replace them to avoid any trouble. Also, they should be replaced if they are sticky or too soft. It is also necessary to check the hoses to see if there are bulges or collapsed sections.

This will indicate that the hose is weak and it’s time to replace it. Make sure you never drive if you’ve noticed that your coolant hose is ruptured, because this may lead to overheating the engine which will damage it. Besides that, the hoses are essential for cruise control systems and power brakes, so their role in the overall functioning of your car is very important.

Having a good air conditioning system is very important for a comfortable drive, but also for the overall safety, so make sure you run it a few times even during winter. This will prevent any malfunction and it will maintain the seals in the perfect condition. If you notice that your radiator is leaking, make sure you seal it. Radiator sealer can be bought in liquid or powder form and when you pour it, it circulates until it finds the hole and fills it up, so you don’t have to worry about it. It can get fixed really easily.

Protect your Engine from Overheating

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Overheating can cause numerous problems with your engine and sometimes lead to very expensive engine repairs or even replacements. Sometimes the leaks can cause the coolant level to drop, which may result in overheating. Malfunctioned water pump, the thermostat, and radiator fan can also be the reason for overheating. Make sure you react promptly if you notice any of these issues, to prevent any further damage.

Sometimes, even with the proper maintenance, the engine must be replaced and even though it can sometimes be costly, it is necessary to have it replaced, so your car can be fully functional, safe and reliable.

We hope we helped you to understand better how to protect your engine and keep it in the top shape. For every car owner, it’s an advantage to have the best parts and accessories to ensure your engine performs at its best, like spark plug, cold air intake, and exhaust system (options on this page). Also make sure you find a reliable mechanic who will be able to check it from time to time and make sure that it’s functioning properly if you’re not familiar with the way it works. However, changing the oil must always be on your mind, don’t forget it, because this may cause numerous problems in the long run. Your car needs your attention and the engine is the heart and soul of your car, so you must maintain it in good condition.

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