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Europe Business Assembly In The Global Festival Whirl

Europe Business Assembly has become a participant in the global festival movement. Since 2015, EBA has been initiating and hosting a grand event called ‘Business Triumph Festival.’ The function is traditionally conducted in world-famous Cannes, France, in the brightest jewel in the crown of French Mediterranean Riviera, the acknowledged European capital of social and networking events and gala receptions.

Europe Business Assembly has been involving leading national companies and corporations, higher education institutions, healthcare centers, city managers for two decades. Numerous events of all kinds, from scientific conferences and business visits to high-end receptions and Vienna balls, have been solely and jointly conducted by the NGO to gather together and acknowledge members and partners of Europe Business Assembly from 50+ countries. In this article, you can find out about the case of EBA from Oxford and why rivals have been trying to copy its events and practices throughout the organization’s history.

Summits of Leaders

EBA has been hosting its hallmark events, world-known Summits of Leaders in Oxford, UK round twenty years now, starting from the beginning of EBA Global community establishment. This annual function is held in the festive time of December, in Oxford Townhall, which gives the event a high-class scale and aristocratic chic. Summits of Leaders always feature advanced businesses, scientists, politicians, current disruptors, and trendsetters from up to 30 world countries and territories.

As for 2024 10, 000+ participants have attended Oxford Summits of Leaders. In the framework of the function, hundreds of innovative concepts were brainstormed and shared, case studies and working sessions were held to exchange opinions and practices, meetups of college and university rectors took their place. Not to mention a considerable number of professional contests and rankings.

Summits of Leaders run under the main motto: “We show the best, the best represent their countries.” That is how Europe Business Assembly managed to create and evolve the community of peers and like-minded modern leaders that are advanced, powerful, curious for new visionary, ready to integrate and to search for practical solutions for recent social challenges.

Every Summit of Leaders reveals successes and failures transformed into new starts. They are full of disruptive breakthroughs, vivid keynotes, negotiations. In the Summit outcomes, there are short-term opportunities and long-term partnerships and collaborations, essential discussions, and new ways in business, education, healthcare, and city management.

As the final touch of the Summit of Leaders, EBA hosts the protocol ceremony, globally known as Socrates Award Ceremony. That is a prestigious acknowledgment with the club awards which define the highest leadership position and excellence in management, scientific research, academic, and social services endeavors.

The Socrates Ceremony Organizing Committee and the multicultural team of experts identify the leading businesses and professionals in the national arena and recognize their credentials as well as their professional teams across various industries.

Europe Business Assembly Summits involve the best standards and practices from the European traditional high-society protocol events.

Oxford Debates

When it comes to speak up and solve the most challenging issues in healthcare, municipal management, and higher education, Europe Business Assembly can’t step aside. EBA’s partner and the structural unit, the Academic Union Oxford (AUO), the academic association of colleges, education management, scholars, academia and experts from 35+countries. A pursues the life-long education goals and integration of corporations and scientific research.

The Oxford Debate is a unique networking AUO event, an interactive platform for top college management, executives in healthcare and medicine, outstanding educational and healthcare professionals worldwide.

 The latest Oxford Debate highlighted profiles of higher education institutions and health care facilities as well as their vision and opinions on the future development of medical and university education to provide a solid base for digitalization and innovative technology trends in the field.

Event attendees outlined their concepts and concerns, made collaboration proposals, presented their organizations, and current advances.

The medical section of the Oxford Debate is traditionally backed up by the European Medical Association, Belgium.

The academic session united national-sized top education management, and scientists to discuss and expand on the university of the future potential, the role of continuing education in implementing sustainable development goals in their countries.

The Oxford Debate traditionally provides for multinational dialogue between decision-makers, industry leaders, and college rectors, facilitates collaboration, follow up development trends, supporting the platform for further growth.

The Oxford Debate, as well as Summit of Leaders, go live with a real-time broadcast from Oxford Townhall.

EBA’s “Business Triumph Festival”

Europe Business Assembly has also become a participant in the global festival movement. Since 2015, EBA has been initiating and hosting a grand event called ‘Business Triumph Festival.’ The function is traditionally conducted in world-famous Cannes, France, in the brightest jewel in the crown of French Mediterranean Riviera, the acknowledged European capital of social and networking events and gala receptions.

It looks like this sun-kissed sea resort has been destined to become the most suitable destination to discuss and define the role of the successful personality in the modern world.

Honorary guests and regular visitors of the ‘Business Triumph Festival’ are trendsetters, disruptors, and influencers in culture, scientific and research innovations, leading fashion designers, musicians, athletes from all over the world.

All the ‘Business Triumph Festival’ participants get an outstanding opportunity to speak up about their successes on the way to their professional Olympus, to attend protocol festivities, walk along the red carpet of Cannes, posing to photo and video cams and social media, to take part in the posh award gala ceremony.

A yacht cruise or a team-building running competition “The Triumph Mile,” fashion shows, Luxury Style cocktail parties, and a lot more chilly events feature Europe Business Assembly’s Cannes Festival. They continue and evolve the best European festival traditions. 

Global event experts, various professionals, and mass media have highly evaluated the contribution of the Business Triumph Organizing Committee in the European cultural event agenda. They have enlisted the Europe Business Assembly initiative among the dazzling high society functions.

 Finally, the Europe Business Assembly team is keen on the constant creation of new event formats to fully engage their members and partners and help realize their leadership needs. Oxford-based Academic Lounge offers professional workshops for C-level managers on the vibing topics related to soft skills and management skills development.

International healthcare conferences, business, and expert missions to dynamically developing regions and organizations are also highly popular among the EBA event participants.

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