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Loresa Hamitaj Net Worth 2024 – Albanian Instagram Star and a Model

One of the good sides of the internet is that people from all around the world can get recognized for their good work. At the same time, people can become popular for their activity on social media accounts. One of them a young Albanian Instagram star Loresa Hamtaj. She became popular for posting bikini and fashion photos on her social media profile. She is just one of a wide array of people who managed to earn some recognition this was and, of course, to earn some money from monetizing her account. If you are interested in finding more about her life, be sure to stay with us for a couple of minutes.


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Loresa Hamitaj was born on the 8th of July 2005. He was born and raised in Tirana, the capital and the largest city of Albania. Her birth sign is Cancer. She started modeling when she was only four years old. Moreover, at one point she became a trained ballerina. Her mother is a person who helps her with managing her social media accounts. Her private life besides this fact remains unknown.

Therefore, we don’t have any knowledge of possible siblings, friends, love interests, etc. What we know is that she is affiliated with another Instagram star from Albania, Erza Mehmetaj. Like Loresa, she is known for posting fashion-related content. She is a part of Generation Z. This generation is described as heavily independent from their parents and that they are highly competitive when it comes to work-related things in their lives.


Loresa began her modeling career when she was just four years old. At some point in her life, she became preparing to become a ballerina. It is known that today, she is a full-trained one. Her popularity started increasing all over the world after her Instagram allowed was created. Her main line of work is posting content related to fashion. At the same, she does a lifestyle photoblog. This is maybe the most frequent genre of her content.

Moreover, she is still modeling, so her career in this field is not something that she quit in the process. It is interesting that besides Instagram, she uses a TikTok as a social media platform for posting her content. Even though we don’t have exact numbers about her followers on this social media, we are pretty sure that it is similar to her Instagram profile.

Net Worth

As of 2024, Loresa Hamitaj’s estimated net worth is around $500,000. The biggest chunk of her wealth comes from her work as a model. Moreover, her income from her social media accounts is not something that should be treated lightly. She is highly popular in the world of fashion blogging. She has around 200,000 followers on her Instagram profile and she earns about $2,500 for one sponsored post. Since she is only fourteen years old, we can expect that she will be even more successful in her line of work and that her net worth will continue to grow together with her popularity.

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