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11 Healthy Lifestyle Habits You Need to Embrace in This Decade

Adopting a healthy lifestyle can be the biggest investment you can make in this decade and beyond. There are certain risk factors such as diet, stress, and smoking that lead to diseases. The good thing is that we have control over some of them to an extent.

Instead of trying to change multiple habits at once, focus on one habit at a time, and don’t be scared of taking baby steps. Most times, the little choices we make regarding our health will either keep us on or off track. Here are the habits you should be deliberate about developing right now.

Acquire new skills

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Honing your existing skills and acquiring new ones helps to promote a healthy brain. It can also lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and slow the aging process. Apart from mastering a new skill, you can also learn a new language or pick a new hobby which can turn into a lucrative side hustle in the long run.


Exercising reduces the chances of having high cholesterol levels, cancer, or high blood pressure. Around 5 – 30 minutes should be enough depending on your schedule.

Invest in a foam roller and use it after your work out session so that your connective tissues will recover faster.
Foam rollers provide other benefits like boosting flexibility and minimizing injuries. Many people prefer exercising outdoor because of the high level of vitamin D which is essential for the heart and bones. People who spend more time outdoor tend to be happier and healthier. Moderation is the key when exercising so that you won’t end up exhausted. You should take breaks to help your body recover.

Plan your meals

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It can be daunting to get impressive results from your workout routine without controlling your diet. Obesity is unarguably among the risk factors of life-threatening diseases. It’s imperative to be clear about your goals when planning meals. For instance, some people may want to maintain their weight, while others are ready to shed weight.

Your best bet is to cut down your intake of processed or red meat and consume more fruits and vegetables. Asides that, you can replace unhealthy snacks with fruits and substitute carbs with proteins.

However, this doesn’t mean you should eliminate carbs from your diet. The bottom line is to settle for complex carbohydrates. Try to eat food that contains less saturated fats and salt too. Planning each meal for an entire week is a cost-saving decision that will only take some minutes.

Eat breakfast

Breakfasts are crucial for kickstarting one’s metabolism. They are also the key to curbing overeating and can go a long way to enhancing your efficiency throughout the day. People that multitask during lunchtime tend to lose control of their appetite and overeat. The ideal thing is to focus on eating and savor your meals. Eating mindfully will help you to feel satisfied.

Go offline

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It’s pointless to follow every update on your social media feeds as a result of the fear of missing out. Ensure that you take breaks from your smartphone daily or enable it to switch off automatically. You are bound to have time to engage in other activities if you reduce screen time. The extra time can be spent in your garden to grow Cannabis Seeds.

Get enough sleep

Failing to get enough sleep each night can hurt your weight loss efforts. Prioritize getting up to 6 -8 hours of sleep each day to speed up muscle recovery and maintain a healthy weight. This will help to improve your mental strength.
Endeavor to sleep and wake up around the same time daily.

Minimize stress

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Stress is still one of the major risk factors of many diseases. Following a flexible routine can go a long way to reduce stress. Apart from that, consider delegating tasks or outsourcing to freelancers to avoid burnout.

You can also schedule a session of sauna therapy which enhances blood flow and will help you get rid of toxins. It has a relaxing effect on the nervous system and can combat depression. Alternatively, having an Epsom salt bath will reduce inflammation and relax your muscle.

Strength training

If you want to improve your core, engage in planking exercise for around 60 seconds. Strength training often leads to a fast metabolism. This implies that you will burn more calories. Keep track of your workout routine in a training log to ensure that you stay motivated and assess your progress. You will also discover the areas that need extra attention.

Find an accountability partner

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Discuss your health goals with your loved ones so that they can help you achieve your goals. It’s easier to develop a habit when you have an accountability partner, and both of you are committed to each other’s progress. There is a higher chance that you won’t be discouraged early on. You can also find immense support on online platforms, and most of them are free.


Many people are yet to unravel how cannabis fits into the picture of a healthy lifestyle. It’s safe to say that cannabis is leading the healthy living trend with other alternative medicines. This substance comes with both mental and physical benefits, making it a perfect choice to achieve mind and body balance.

Cannabis is no longer just a recreational drug. It’s used to treat diseases such as depression, glaucoma, migraine, cancer, to mention a few. It’s not surprising that more individuals are now growing the plants with quality seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Company.

Take hydration seriously

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The importance of staying hydrated can’t be underscored. Your best bet is to drink water once you wake up in the morning. It has a cleansing effect on the digestive system. Placing a water bottle on your nightstand the night before will make it easily accessible.

That being said, replace heavy alcohol consumption with water or healthy drinks.

Above all, living mindfully is excellent for overall health, and it’s easy to incorporate this practice into your daily routine. It’s an effective way to prevent injuries, improve muscle tone, and boost confidence.

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