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7 Large Living Room decoration ideas – 2024 Guide

It is the room where we spend the most time, so we can call it the main in our home. We gather friends there, rest after a hard day, work, and often sleep and eat. With every home decor, the most common question we ask ourselves is how to arrange the living room.

Today, there are many options, types of styles, decorations that we can decorate it, and what is most important is that it is adaptable to the needs and desires of ourselves. A cozy and comfortable feeling is what should accompany this room when hanging out with friends and family.

Which wall colors to choose?

The living room itself should be different from other rooms. Every detail is important, from choosing the color of the walls, through choosing the curtains to select the carpet… There are a few things to consider before applying a certain color to the walls. The advice is to put emphasis on one part of the room, again it depends on which part it will be. Most take the center wall, behind the TV, or some prominent place in the room. The accent color can be repeated on other details such as sofa cushions or other decorative details.

Choosing the color of the walls depends a lot on the size of it. So in smaller living rooms choose brighter shades of walls, and in larger rooms, experiment freely with more shades, darker tones are also welcome. Each color creates different moods and has a certain psychological impact, so green relaxes and brings peace, red is the color of romance and passion.

Choice of furniture

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What we must not forget before buying furniture is to accurately measure the dimensions of it to avoid problems that may occur afterward. Furniture comfort comes first when it comes to decorating your living room. The advice is to choose pieces of furniture made of natural materials such as wood, cork, reeds…

The color of the furniture should be consistent with the color of the walls. For example, if you have white walls, insert a piece of furniture such as a sofa or corner furniture in burgundy or brown. In addition to the red walls, the black furniture works great, and one of the most effective combinations is to choose the blue color of the furniture and the yellow walls. A piece of furniture that you will definitely rest on is corner furniture, and with it should fit a suitable table made of glass, wood or some other material that suits you best.

Never allow a guest to balance with a glass of red wine in his hand while sitting on your sofa as there is no place to leave the glass. If the armrests are soft, you must provide a sturdy table next to the furniture where the guest will be able to lower the glass, bottle or plate with food.

How to Choose Lighting?

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Choose the type of lighting according to the dimensions of the living room and the height of the ceiling. Massive chandeliers are suitable for high ceilings, while low ceilings are more suitable for ceilings and recessed lighting, which your expert team of electricians will install. Many parts of the room that are farther from the window are less illuminated, so lighten them further. Lighting should come from multiple sides, which means having one central lighting, we mean ceiling and additional light sources coming from tables, walls, floors. Choose warm lighting tones for the living room.

All decorative elements must be larger in size

Photos and pictures on the walls, clocks on the walls or any other decorative elements must be larger. Choose large pictures of vibrant colors, like the ones you can find on Piqtura.

Absolutely no effect will be achieved by small-sized photos. The conclusion is that in large living rooms, everything has to be big. Not just for the sake of being noticeable, but there simply has to be harmony.

Take care of the floors

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Another very important item that you also have to take care of is the floors. First of all, for large apartments, it is recommended to install a parquet and not any parquet. You should choose between the oak and beech parquet.

These two types of flooring are aesthetically pleasing, so they will definitely fit into your living room. What you need to keep in mind is the color of the flooring. So, you should choose darker types of parquet, whether you choose an oak parquet or beech parquet.

Darker colors are always for larger spaces. For example, if you choose a lighter parquet floor, then look to complement it with some darker carpet and everything will be fine.

Too many small elements are not desirable

If you like little things, all those toys made of wood, stone, decorative elements, then you should know that they are out of place in the living room this time. Too many small elements can only disrupt the perfect harmony you have achieved in your living room.

The curtains

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It is important that you choose quality material. The appearance depends on the quality, but also on how long it will last. Better to invest a little more now than to buy new ones soon. When you buy more expensive, you will not have to think about it for years. What you need to know is that the sun will fade the curtains over time, so the same curtains will not last equally if they are on different windows.

When choosing the length, designers recommend that the measurements be taken from the curb to the floor itself. In terms of width, it is necessary to take a minimum of double the width, so that the curtains or drapes can be nicely folded, which contributes to the better appearance of the whole interior. When you have a wide width of curtains, you can always tie them with straps. Curtain sets that can fit with any model or color are also an important detail.


With so many choices available to us today, don’t let yourself fit into the clichés. Explore the internet, gather ideas and design a space to reflect your style and desires in the right way.

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