Employer Seals ─ How They Help You Promote Your Brand

According to surveys, the shortage of skilled workers is causing massive problems for almost half of all companies in Germany. In this context, the importance of professional employer branding is emphasized again and again.

This creates the opportunity to actively counteract high employee turnover and the lack of qualified specialists. But how do employers today actually manage to establish themselves as an attractive brand and successfully recruit genuine top employees? The following article explains.

This is the Goal of Employer Branding

The term employer branding basically means that a company positions itself as an attractive and authentic employer. This positioning works both internally and externally and is designed to be identity-based.

The employer branding process thus pursues the goal of building an attractive employer brand. This not only ensures that employees remain loyal to the company for as long as possible, but also serves to attract the attention of new talent in the labor market.

In this context, it is advisable to use emotional benefits in particular to create a strong employer brand. For example, it is crucial to define which values the company represents, what its uniqueness is, and what goals are pursued in its role as an employer.

How to Benefit From a Strong Employer Brand


In principle, a company benefits from a wide range of positive effects if it succeeds in creating a strong and authentic employer brand.

Advantages can be seen, for example, in terms of employee loyalty. Professional employer branding creates enthusiasm among existing employees and motivates them in the long term. This means that changing employer is hardly an option for them.

But employer branding also plays a key role in attracting new talent. Positive emotions are aroused in potential applicants during the application process. This gives the company the opportunity to find exactly those employees who really fit into the company – both professionally and personally. Additional certification with an employer seal, such as the Best Employers award, ensures that companies generally receive a significantly higher number of applications and thus have a more comprehensive selection of applicants at their disposal.

The special features and uniqueness of a company can also be effectively emphasized with the help of employer branding. This creates an important differentiation from competing companies or a profitable competitive advantage.

In principle, professionally conducted employer branding also creates the opportunity to improve the basic image of the company. If the goal is achieved of convincing both applicants and existing employees all along the line of one’s own company, this also shows extremely positive effects on the customers. For example, customer satisfaction can be increased by the fact that employees spread a positive mood and inspire with a happy aura.

Measures in the Context of Employer Branding


If the corporate culture is brought into focus, this significantly promotes the success of employer branding. In the area of employer branding, a number of measures can be identified that experts increasingly recommend in order to effectively communicate and present the brand message and positioning as an attractive employer both externally and internally.

Internal measures

Internal employer branding addresses existing employees in the company. It serves to strengthen their loyalty to the company and motivate them in the long term. Above all, the measures convey appreciation so that employees are completely satisfied with their employer and show genuine enthusiasm for their job or role.

In terms of employee motivation and productivity, a pleasant working atmosphere and ideal working conditions are of great importance – after all, employees should feel comfortable at their workplace. Supportive office organization, for example, is conducive to this. The office space should be designed in line with the individual corporate culture, and the basic equipment in the area of technology should be adapted to the needs and tasks of the employees.

Flexibility also plays an important role. Employee satisfaction is significantly increased, for example, by offers such as flexitime models and home office. An optimal work-life balance ensures less stress – which benefits not only the health of the employees but also the work results.

External measures


Potential applicants and new talents represent another target group of employer branding. The corresponding external measures enable targeted communication of the corporate culture to the potential applicants. The goal is to embody a positive image as an employer and also to increase general awareness.

One of the essential instruments in this context is the company’s own career site. This is a particularly effective way of presenting the employer brand. Potential applicants can find all open job offers on the career site, and the company should also present itself to them in its role as an employer. The career site has a potential that should not be neglected in convincing applicants to become part of the company and thus of its overriding goals and mission.

When it comes to creating the career page, the main focus should be on authenticity and clarity. Modern career pages also feature a responsive design so that they can be displayed perfectly on mobile devices.

To optimize the general candidate experience, it is also recommended to integrate the career site directly into the company’s general website. After all, the application process is perceived much more positively by potential new employees if the career page shows them as authentic and clear. It should offer them all the relevant information they need to form a realistic impression of their potential employer.

The Employer Seal for Employer Branding

If a company would like to additionally emphasize its special quality as an employer, employer seals are another option.

Based on different criteria, an evaluation of their respective quality takes place, whether in terms of career opportunities, transparency, general working conditions or remuneration. After all, even the best communication and presentation are of little use if they are not convincing.

In the context of an award with an employer seal, companies demonstrate completely transparently that a review by an external body has taken place and that this has come to the conclusion that the communicated image really does reflect reality. In particular, this strengthens trust and credibility among potential applicants.

The employer seals, therefore, have the power to achieve an additional strengthening of the employer brand and to extend the competitive advantage even further.

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