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Keeping the Phone Germ-Free & Coronavirus-free – Guide by GQ Insider

Have you ever just stopped and wondered how dirty your phone might be? Then, think of all the places you use them, your dining table, work, home, etc. Scientists claim that a typical smartphone contains 18 times more bacteria than a toilet seat.

Now, the average person checks their phone about 47 times a day, which provides plenty of opportunities for the microorganisms on your fingers to jump on it. The studies have found lethal pathogens like Streptococci and MRSA thriving on its surface. Therefore, they are potential carriers of viruses from person to person. Hence, keeping regular checks on your mobile phone hygiene is essential. It is potentially a hub of million microbes that could multiply and get into your system, making you irreparably ill. Also, amidst this hazardous outbreak of the coronavirus, one must keep everything around him or her clean and tidy to avoid even the slightest chance for infection. So, next time while using your mobile phone, do remember to keep it germ-free by following the tips provided by Patrick Van Negri.

Wash your Hands Frequently


The best and the simplest way to start a germ-free ride is the washing of your hands. If you timely and adequately wash your hands before touching it, the population thriving and surviving on your phone land could considerably reduce in number.

Not only mobile phones but your mobile covers also need sanitization too

The mobile phone covers are an essential part. We tend not to remove them for longer durations as they protect the outer covering it from damage. But they are the very part that is most of the time touched and exposed to the outside world. Consequently, it becomes crucial for us to clean them too. It is advised to kindly remove the cover off a couple of times a week and clean it thoroughly before putting back to ensure a clean and healthy mobile phone environment for yourself and those around you.

Follow the standard cleaning solution

Have the above statistics about your phone being dirtier than a toilet seat scared you? But worry not, we have decoded a simple remedy to clean your mobile phones. All you need is a cleaning cloth, clean water bottle, and 70% isopropyl alcohol, which is readily available at any pharmacy, although we would like to caution you here with the alcohol as it is extremely flammable. Now, fill a spray bottle halfway with water and concentrate it with isopropyl alcohol. This concentration of 70% is considered to be ideal for mobile screens as it is not harsh and averts any sort of damage. After mixing the contents, spray the cleaning solution onto the cleaning cloth, making it damped and not wet. Gently rub the solution all over your mobile screen and its surroundings daily. This disinfecting practice would undoubtedly reduce the microbes on your mobile phones. As the deadly dangerous and highly lethal virus, COVID-19 could survive up to nine days at the surface, thereby averting infection from such a risky virus proper sanitization becomes a necessary activity.

You could use UV lights called the PhoneSoap to sanitize your phone

If the facts, as mentioned earlier, made you cringe regarding your phone sanitization. Then, fortunately, there is a solution, and it is not about drenching it with alcohol. With the passage of time and turn in the century, everything has progressed, and similarly, our cleaning methods did too. Alcohol rubbing or damped paper towels might roughly clean your phone, but for effective cleaning, it’s advisable to utilize the newly launched UV phone cleaner, also called the PhoneSoap, that kills about 99.99% of germs, cold and flu viruses. It is a gadget that is simply designed in a rectangular box that perfectly fits all kinds of mobile devices. All you need to do is put your phone inside the box and plug in the cord to a power source. After this, you will notice a blue signal light flashing up, which indicates that your phone is under a sanitization process; after about ten minutes, it will be thoroughly cleaned and with no traces of pathogens to infect you.

This method is found to be the most effective of all because the UV light is germicidal, which means it breaks down the DNA of the most lethal bacteria, leaving it incapable of functioning or reproducing any further. Thus, maintaining a clean and healthy environment around your mobile phone.

Check not only the phone but also its accessories

You use your phone, and it becomes a hub of germ infestation, but it is very aptly complemented by several other accessories like earplugs, a charger that requires cleaning too. Therefore, Patrick suggests you not to overlook them, and clean them thoroughly at regular intervals. Before touching it or any of its accessories, wash your hands with soap or use a hand sanitizer. This will avoid the passing of germs from your hands to your phone or related accessories, therefore making it safe to use and ensuring your health safety.

Not just phones your other gadgets need cleaning too

The issue of sanitization just does not confine itself to mobile phones; rather, it appeals to everyone to be extra cautious towards the safety methods at the time of this tragedy. Therefore, clean every other gadget and item you would lay your hands on daily to avoid cluttering up of dirty, dangerous, and threat posing viruses and bacteria.

As the outbreak has grown around to be severe and critical, each one of us needs to buckle up to ensure our safety. The spreading of the virus worldwide has left people dreading any kind of thing that could be its potential carrier. Hence, to avoid germs and pathogens on your phone and ending up to keep them away, your system would require you to clean up your phone, keep your surroundings clean and follow as many prevention methods as you can.

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