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6 Practical Tips and Tricks for Coronavirus Prevention

The spread of the current COVID-19 virus is something that concerns a lot of people, and being a virus from the popular corona family, we already know the consequences of getting infected. If you had even remotely access to social media and the news these days, you are probably familiar with all the things that are happening right now, and that you should remain in quarantine and practice social-distancing.

The outbreak might not be our fault, but keeping the number of infected people to the bare minimum is something that can be controlled by our actions. This means that we should all work together and follow all advice from the World Health Organization if we want this thing to end as soon as possible, which is probably what every person living on our planet wants.

Today, we are going to give you the six most practical tips and tricks that will prevent you from becoming infected with the COVID-19 virus. So, if you are currently worried about your health, and you think that you are not doing everything you can to minimize the chances, it might be the right time to keep on reading until the end. Without any further ado, here’s what you need to know.

1. Avoid public transport

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Using public transport is currently considered to be one of the ways with the largest chance of becoming infected, so we recommend that you avoid it at all costs. In most countries, public transport has already been canceled a long time ago, but unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be the case for every city across the world.

We’re pretty sure that you have other ways of reaching your destination, such as riding your bike or even walking if it’s not too far away. So, not only that you are avoiding getting infected, but you are doing something healthy for your body as well. Consider biking and walking as great options.

Even taking a taxi to your destination is better than taking the bus, although that should be avoided as well if you want to be sure.

2. Practice social distancing

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Social distancing is the most important thing that’s going to have the most impact when it comes to reducing your chances of becoming infected. Some countries across the world even involved legal actions for those who do not follow the rules, so why risk your health and paying a penalty when you can just remain at home for some time until all this is over.

You might think that it’s “lame” or “not cool” to stay at home, but remember that by spending all that time with others, you are increasing the chances of infecting yourself, and those that you love and care about. If you have older people in your family, think of social distancing as something that you’re doing for them to remain healthy and continue living their life care-free.

3. Use quality masks

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We know that the regular masks from the local pharmacy store can help you a bit, but “a bit” isn’t enough when it comes to eliminating the chances of becoming infected. If you want to be safe, even when you go out shopping in some of the nearest supermarkets, you should consider using the N95 Respirator Mask. Feel free to check out our recommendation, because we believe it can be of great help in times like these and click here to learn more about these masks.

Some masks are used once, and then they need to be disposed of, which is just wasting a lot of money and resources. If you purchase a quality mask however, you will be able to use it for much longer before needing a replacement. Besides, the filter quality varies a lot from one mask to another.

4. Avoid partying

Throughout many countries, clubs and other places where people tend to go for partying are currently closed, but there are still some places such as the UK and Netherlands where some clubs are still working. If you happen to live in an area that’s not too restrictive, even though they should be, please avoid going there because it’s not worth risking your health for a couple of hours of fun that you can get any other day when this is finally over.

When you are at a party, you are sharing your personal space with a lot of foreign people, and even if you are a careful person and you’ve paid attention to all preventive measures, you still don’t know if anyone else did the same. You can easily get infected by sharing a drink with someone or simply by being in their breathing space. It’s just not worth it.

5. Disinfect often

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No matter what it is that you purchase from the store, you need to disinfect it upon bringing it back to your home. You never know where those plastic bags were before you grabbed them, so make sure that you clean both them and the products that you’ve purchased. Double-check if you washed all the fruits and veggies before eating them, and make sure that you wash your hands multiple times.

If you were sitting at a public bus or at a place that you might suspect is infected, make sure that you dispose of all of your clothes safely and wash them before ever wearing them again. It might sound like “a bit too much”, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

6. Do this if you have to work

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If your job is unable to be done from home, and you are forced to go on your job spot every day, make sure that you keep at least two meters of distance from other people, and wear protective gloves and mask at all times. The way this virus is transferred is by liquids that come out of the mouth from other people, so if they end up coughing or sneezing near you, you are already in danger.

It is worthy to remember that the drops can only travel about one meter due to their weight, but make sure that you have at least two meters of distance just to be sure.

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