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Job Hunting in the Wall Street? Here is what you should know

Even if you have a good internship in your resume, it can be difficult and time-consuming for you to get your first investment banking job as soon as you finish college. If you are a recent graduate, this article is for you since you will be able to learn some tips that will give you a good chance to land a job in the Wall Street finance sector after you graduate. Let’s take a look at the tips:

Start Preparing Early

It is important for you to start networking and preparing early, since securing an internship during a summer break is the best possible way to get a full-time job after graduation. It could also be helpful if you call your contacts at different banks and learn what their recruitment process looks like, and what they are looking for.

Most schools have career centers and banking clubs where recent graduates or seniors can help prepare candidates for interviews.

Cast a Wide Net

For most graduates, applying for a banking job on Wall Street is a two-step process. You will need to apply through your career centers and through the bank directly. One common mistake that you could make is that you do not have enough time for this process. It could be challenging and time-consuming and in order to increase your chances and build skills in interviewing, you will want to have an interview and apply for multiple banks.

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Do not Just Emphasize Your Grades

Banking recruiters will consider several things, including the reputation of your school, SAT scores, GPA, major, previous internships, and previous employment. GPAs of 3.5 or above is perfect since it is evidence that a student has analytical prowess. While large investment banks are increasing school diversity, it is easier to get a Wall Street job if you come from an Ivy League or another elite university.

Memberships in diversity clubs should be listed in your CV since banks are focused on increasing the representation of full-time employees from underrepresented groups. Also, if you have been involved in sports teams or student clubs, list that as well.

Work All The Angles and Emphasize Your Strengths

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According to the experts from, Wall Street generally searches for people with one or more of the following criteria for evaluating possible employees. These include how much you know about the specific bank, your grades, and the level of enthusiasm for the bank you can show. They might also look at any athletic achievements that you could have, as well as the school you attended.

Take the Time to Write and Edit a Perfect Cover Letter

The importance of cover letters will be different from bank to bank. While a well-written cover letter will not help someone with a resume, a bad cover letter can hurt a good resume. It is quite obvious that your letter should not include errors such as mentioning the wrong bank.

Be Prepared to Talk About Your Internship

Internships are the most important part of securing a job in the financial sector, however, if you have a lot of experience in this area, make sure that you are prepared to answer some questions during the interview. Any info that you can give about your previous banking experience should be honest, and you should be prepared to answer questions about the internship that you did.

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Research in Advance

It is extremely important that you know who the major players are in the financial sector you want to enter. Know which organizations have different profiles and for what reasons and find an opportunistic way to introduce yourself.


By using these eight tips from the article, you might be able to land a job in the financial sector. Hence, do not waste any more time and start planning your strategy for landing a job on Wall Street!

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