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Why It Is Important To Have A Good Skincare Routine – 2024 Tips

The rule of every successful facial skincare is that the care is continuous – that is, every day so we can adapt to the products we use for that purpose to our skin type. Not only problematic and sensitive skin requires regular and careful care routine. It is also necessary to apply adequate cream daily to normal facial skin. In addition to the cream, you need to have a certain face wash/cleanser, and whether it be gel, foam or soap is a matter of choice.

Three Basic Steps

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We are sure that each of you has had a problem with your complexion over a time that you may not have been able to solve in a timely or proper way. Also, we believe that you have repeatedly wondered how certain women have such clear, radiant and soft complexion without imperfections – thinking that yours will never be like that. However, a recipe for beautiful complexion is no secret, moreover, your daily routine must be based on proper care, which involves three basic steps: cleansing, toning, and care.

However, many women make mistakes because of some misconceptions or lack of information. They usually don’t provide their skin with what it needs – which can further lead to acne and other impurities, as well as drying out the skin. So, dear ladies, the solution for clean and beautiful complexion is found not only in beauty salons but in the proper daily routine and appropriate products that you use at home.

Skin Care Rituals

Below we will try to explain in detail all the steps of proper care. We will share with you the advice of dermatologists we are familiar with, we will recommend certain face care products that are quality tested. First of all, to nourish your skin in the right way – you need to know that proper care involves two groups of rituals: regular and additional care. What does it mean? Daily care includes cleaning, toning and daily skincare products, while the additional group includes peels and masks – or products that are not used every day. Our focus today will be primarily on regular care, which is the basic step towards beautiful and healthy skin.

Step 1 – Facial Cleansing

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We mentioned that mistakes in facial care are often the result of misconceptions we believe in. One of the most common is that it is enough to clean the face only once a day, which is incorrect. If you have performed your daily routine of cleansing your face only once a day, know that it is the first cause of imperfections in your skin. So the skin needs to be cleaned twice a day: in the morning and in the evening.

Why Is It So Important?

The skin is secreted by sebum daily and with oily and combination skin types – sebum is being enhanced. Besides that, our face is also exposed to harmful substances from the outside, such as dust and makeup, but also salts and urea that persist on the face after sweating. However, the pores do not remain spared during the night. The period during which the skin is most active in the night when the sebum secretion is intensified.

Therefore,  it is necessary to clean it not only in the evening but also in the morning. Otherwise, the pores become clogged, and the inflammatory processes develop, and our complexion loses its natural glow. It is, therefore, no wonder that dermatologists insist on daily (morning and evening) cleansing of the face. It is equally important to choose a product to treat your skin. As for face cleansing products – there are several options: those that are foam, gel, oil, water or milk-based texture.

Step 2 – Toning

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For the next step in care, let’s mention another not uncommon myth – that tonic is a cleanser. Tonic is used primarily to moisturize and restore skin’s natural Ph balance, not to cleanse it. In addition, the tonic reduces the irritation and balances sebum secretion. Also, the tonic should not be rinsed, but let the skin absorb it – which is an introduction to further steps in care. We especially liked Garnier light complete speed with Vitamin C. It is ideal for all skin types, and thanks to its active ingredients and Vitamin C – it provides the skin with the necessary moisture, making it hydrated, but also deeply regenerating. Regular use of this product will certainly add to the desired look of your complexion.

Step 3 – Care

The final step in your daily routine is facial care. With facial products or their selection, you need to pay attention to several factors and only then choose the one that works for you. That way you will have the best effect. What you need to keep in mind is: skin type, condition, and age. Our complexion type can be oily, mixed, dry and normal, while skin conditions can be hydrated and dehydrated. Only when you determine the characteristics of your skin are you choosing a product that suits it. The care products include nourishing creams (day, night, eye cream) and moisturizing serums and concentrate. It is best to have each of the creams that we have listed for the following reasons: Day Cream protects the skin and hydrates and nourishes it at night. Never put some heavy and oily creams on your face before bed, thinking that it will nourish it, this will only aggravate its condition.

Extra Care

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Besides the regular care you should practice daily, there is also supplemental care which includes products that are applied once or twice a week. Scrubs and masks are used as additional care. The scrubs are responsible for the deep removal of dead cells, while the masks provide deep and extra hydration. Ideal extra care includes a pealing, and a mask applied once a week. You can use them one after the other to exert their full effect. Facial scrub will cleanse and open the pores, and then a mask will emerge to nourish the skin with its nutrients.


Before we finish this topic, we would like to mention what each dermatologist recommends: The best results are achieved when using products within the same cosmetic line. That would be another tip for beautiful and nourished complexion


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