Reasons Why IPL is the Most Famous Format of Cricket?

IPL loosely translating into Indian premier league is the Twenty20 cricket contest in which various teams representing cities of India fight to get the final spotlight. These teams are owned or franchised by various Indian celebrities so as an endgame Indian team always wins because this tournament is not of the international nature and is conducted locally. It is a dearly awaited event for the Indian people and is the most famous of cricket formats in India, here are some of the reasons why IPL is the most famous cricket tournament in all of India.

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Money and loads of it


The most auspicious element of IPL is that it is purely hosted in India which is a country with a lot of fan following for cricket. And it is like earning literally crores for just 15 days of matches played. As it is the most awaited event a lot of focus is put to telecasting. If you think about other leagues there is just not that much money, viewers, or players to begin with but here from celebrities to Bollywood, everything is kind of mixed up which lends a perfect glamour to the event and yes money too.

Apart from that there are a lot of expenses too, IPL as stated earlier is a game that is near and dear to the hearts of many people and that is why there would be a constant influx of people in the stadium and sometimes overbooking too to enjoy the event. In that case, there are a lot of things that need to be done and a lot of wheels that need to be set into motion to take care for the sitting arrangements, lighting and parking, the food, and a management team that can take care of overcrowded stadium and makes sure that everyone is happy and can effectively enjoy the game without any added stress.

There are no attached strings


It is an event to be fully enjoyed and taken in for the charisma and open-heartedness that it brings forth, there are literally no strings attached. You can cheer any player during or after the match regardless of the team they are playing in because at that time all those teams represent India and that is totally fine with the Indian people. Therefore, no one will be ridiculed for cheering out to the international players at the time because they are not representing international teams at the point and that is fine too.

You can support any team provided all of them are playing in India and directly or indirectly for India, it creates an open sense for acceptance and enjoying an event no matter what.



IPL is more like a Bollywood movie going back and forth then it is a cricket league, the involvement of the Bollywood celebrities and the industrialists make it an event that looks more like a showbiz show than a cricket event. There are moments of joy, moments where emotions kind of drip out, and then there are some mixed moments that glare the involvement of cricket and make it all look like a pretty decent Bollywood movie.

Therefore, if you ever got a chance to enjoy an IPL match then you will come to see that all of it looks more like an ongoing movie with no credits than it is a cricket match. And that is how Indians like it, everything turning into a Bollywood movie for them.

Three-hour games


There are ODIs and test matches that go on for days several hours per day, so they kind of get a little boring and out of hand for the audience. The only role a cricket audience likes to play is to cheer the teams and enjoy their top moments where they are roaring and filled with enthusiasm and are roaring at each other to do better and present the best version of the game they know. The same goes for IPL, as the match length is only 3 hours it means that these will be over soon and every moment of the game becomes lavishing and enchanting for the audience to enjoy.

The audience is automatically glued to their seats and is sometimes roaring out of them in joy and excitement or for the support they are providing to their favorite teams and players out there.

Strategic time outs


There is nothing more dramatic than calling for a time out in a cricket match that will keep the audience on their nerves. There are multiple time outs in the IPL tournaments, the game can get a little too intensive at times and there is a lot of pressure developing thus too ease up that space multiple time outs are given so that not only the players that are part of several teams can take some fresh air but you as a part of the audience can also take your breath back. Even if you are not present within the stadium and are enjoying the telecast from the comfort of your home, you can go to the toilet, prepare some snacks for yourself and then get back to your TV or whatever device you were streaming your match on without any added stress.

And the good thing about these timeouts is that you won’t be missing out on any action whatsoever.

Glamour on show at winning


There is a lot of media that is covering the event and for that, a lot of money is also involved as explained earlier, that is why when a team wins at the end of the day there is a splendid firework and a proper show is put out to glorify the team who has won, the openings and closing events are just as spectacular, to begin with.

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