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6 Reasons Why Cricket Is the Most Famous Sport in India – 2024 Review

Different kinds of sports are popular in all parts of the world. This passion starts when we are still kids. Parents (usually dads) have a club or individual they support. When they get a child, they want to teach their kid three basic things. The first thing is to say “Dad” or “Father”. After that, they need to teach their child how to walk. After they accomplish these two tasks, they start teaching their kid about their favorite club. They invite them to watch a game together, talk about the club’s history, etc.

This type of passion exists in everything but it has small differences. Indeed, soccer/football is the most popular sport in most regions of planet Earth. Yet, it is not the only one that grabs the attention of people. Many people get surprised when they hear that cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world. People from Europe and North America are not quite passionate about this sport. You will also find people that do not even know the basic rules of cricket.

Well, the place where you can find passionate cricket fans in India. Do not forget that this country has more than a billion citizens. A huge percentage of them are actively following cricket matches. Despite that, a huge number of them are playing it in their free time.

Still, why cricket, and why India? There are a couple of reasons why cricket is the most famous sport in India. We would like to analyze those reasons together with you. They might tell you more about the mentality of people from this region. Despite that, you will get the chance to find out more about cricket itself.

  1. They Can Earn Money from It

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The advanced technology has brought many opportunities to people from all parts of the world. One of those opportunities is to improve your monthly incomes without a lot of effort. More precisely, people now have the opportunity to gamble/bet from the comfort of their room.

Still, people usually bet on sports like basketball, football, and tennis. Still, Indians got the opportunity to test their betting skills in online betting sites. If you are one of them, you should know that not all betting sites are equally good. They all have some pros and cons that you should be familiar with. That will allow you to pick the casino that matches your needs. We recommend you visit and find out more about the best cricket betting sites. By choosing the best ones, you will raise the chances of winning a reward.

  1. This Sport Is Affordable

As you might know, many people in India can’t afford to purchase expensive equipment. Sports like basketball and football require a lot more investment. Things with cricket are quite different. You need to ensure a ball and a bat. If you manage to find one more player, you can easily start playing it. Despite that, the location where you play is irrelevant as well. It is possible to enjoy this activity even in the smallest dimensions. If you visit India, you will a lot of kids playing it in a street alley.

  1. High-Quality Infrastructure

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We have to continue in the same manner to make things clearer. People do not have to invest a lot to start playing it in their free time. However, compared to other sports, people invest a lot more money in coaching centers and things like that. Because of that, many people decide on this sport when they are still kids. All the kids get amazed by the fact that they can become professional cricketers one day.

Despite that, let’s compare cricket in India with soccer/football in England. In England (entire UK), each neighborhood has at least one club. Despite that, each bigger town has at least one huge stadium. Well, things are the same when we talk about world-class cricket stadiums. You can find at least one of them in each region or state. For instance, only a couple of football stadiums are accredited by FIFA. This can tell you a lot about the popularity of this sport.

  1. Huge Number of Trophies

There is a good reason why many kids in India want to become professional cricketers. The national team of India has won many trophies in the past. For instance, they won 2 ICC Cricket World Cups, one T20 World Cup, etc. Even when they don’t win the trophy, their performances seem remarkable.

When we talk about other sports, they were not successful a lot. For instance, they have never made any important mark in the football world. They were also successful in hockey in one period of their history. Yet, these successes did not last for long. Hockey is no longer one of the popular sports in this country.

  1. Cricket Doesn’t Require Physical Strength

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Well, there is one fact that might seem silly at first glance. However, this factor truly had a huge impact on the popularity of cricket. As you might know, Indians were not gifted with good height, physical strength, etc. Because of that, they had to find a sport that does not require physical strength. Logically, cricket was the most obvious choice.

As we said, it might seem strange that genetics can influence cricket’s huge popularity. However, the fitness and strength that these people have are enough to become professional cricketers.

  1. Huge Number of Living Legends

We will continue in the same manner. It doesn’t need to surprise us why this country has a huge number of professional cricketers. They are all some sort of legends for different groups of people in India. We can name a few of them like Kapil Dev, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, and Sachin Tendulkar. If you plan to go to India, you will see a lot of their posters and pictures on the streets. All boys and girls (and grown-ups as well) idolize and imitate them.

We can once again make a comparison between soccer and hockey. We doubt that soccer would be popular in Brasil without Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Pele, etc. It would probably be an average sport that only a small group of people like to follow.

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